Divinity Original Sin 2 Unlock Mordus Door, Solve Puzzle

In Divinity Original Sin 2, during the Taste of Freedom quest you will come across a locked door in the cellar of Mordus’ basement in Driftwood. To open this door you need to solve a pressure plate puzzle. In this guide, we will show you how to solve this pressure plate puzzle and unlock Mordus’ cellar door.

In order to solve this puzzle on your own without companion, you need four heavy objects with them you can push the pressure plates down. If you already have the Spirit Vision ability then you can use it to see the correct order of the pressure plates and solve the puzzle easily. The Spirit Vision ability you will receive as part of the main quest. In case if you don’t have this ability, then you can follow our guide to solve this puzzle.

- Above the pressure plates you can see symbols. You will also see these symbols on the door, showing them in a different order.

- Your task is to place your characters or the heavy objects on the plates in such a way that the symbols above them are arranged in the same way as the ones on the locked door.

- Check out the following picture. Here you can see the pressure plates that have to be weighed, so that the puzzle to open the door to Mordus' house is finally solved.

As soon as you have push the pressure plates in correct pattern, the locked door opens with a blue light and you can finally solve the mystery behind it.

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