FIFA 18: Dribbling Tricks and Skill Moves Guide

In FIFA 18, you’ll find considerable amount of dribbling techniques. Players who are familiar with the previous games in the FIFA series will also be able to start with a small boost this season. However, it requires practice. There is already an incredibly powerful move called Zig Zag.

For this move you have to hold L1 or LB and the left stick a bit to the left and to the right. This makes you the zig zag move and can be continued as preferred. However, consider the left and right expressions. This depends on your position to the ball and therefore, also in other directions can correspond.

In addition to Zig Zag dribbling technique, there are the usual star tricks for dribbling. We have listed them below:

FIFA-18: One-Star Dribbling and Juggling Tricks

These are the easiest moves that should be mastered by all players. However, they are quite important, as they are basic to learn better moves or to use responses.

Ball Juggle; Foot Fake; Cruff Turn

FIFA-18: Two-Star Dribbling Tricks

These moves are probably the most important fundamentals in the game. With the ball roll, overpasses or body deceptions you can load goalkeeper and score especially against other players. Watch out for the moves on which the ball is located and where your opponent is. If you master these moves, you have the best conditions for higher difficulty levels

Body Feint Right; Body Feint Left; Stepover Right; Stepover Left; Reverse Stepover Right; Reverse Step over Left; Ball Roll Right; Ball Roll Left; Drag Back; The Bridge

FIFA-18: Three-Star Dribbling Tricks

With the 3 star tricks you are working in the 1 vs. 1 dribbling. These moves will help you get in direct confrontation with the opponent, or with the ball, as you can surprise your opponents with spontaneous tricks.

Heel Flick; Flick Up; Roulette Right; Roulette Left; Fake Left and Go Right; Fake Right and Go Left

FIFA-18: Four-Star Dribbling Tricks

From the four-star onwards, the dribbling techniques become a bit advanced. You must work a lot with the analogue stick and should test these tricks in the movement. However, here too, some moves can develop full potential when taking the ball. For example, make a rainbow after you have a pass, and your player will play the ball over his head, bypassing the defender. However, this is very difficult.

Ball Hop (while standing); Heel to Heel Flick; Simple Rainbow; Advanced Rainbow; Feint Left and Exit Right; Feint Right and Exit Left; Spin Left; Spin Right; Stop and Turn Left (while running); Stop and Turn Right (while running); Ball Roll Cut Left; Ball Roll Cut Right

FIFA-18: Five-Star Dribbling Tricks

These are the most difficult tricks in FIFA 18 and only a few players can do it at all. Pay attention to the star rating of your pros, so you don’t try these moves with someone who doesn’t control them at all.

Elastico; Reverse Elastico; Quick Ball Rolls (while standing); Hocus Pocus Triple elastico; Ball Roll & Flick Left (while running); Ball Roll & Flick Right (while running); Sombrero Flick (while standing); Turn & Spin Left; Turn & Spin Right ; Ball Roll Fake Left (while standing)
Ball Roll Fake Right (while standing); Rabona Fake (while jogging); Elastico Chop Left; Elastico Chop Right; Okocha Sombrero Flick (running); Forward Sombrero Flick