FIFA 18 FUT Coins Farming, Ways to Earn Quickly, More

The coins play a major role in FIFA 18 and they are essential if you want to upgrade your Ultimate Team (FUT). In this guide, we show you some effective ways to make more coins quickly.

Before you look for special ways to earn quick money, it is best to use all the simple and normal methods to farm coins in the game. The following activities will bring you some FIFA Coins:

- Team of the Week - If you win this TOTW Challenge with your team, you’ll be able to earn quite a few FIFA FUT Coins.

- Also regular matches in FUT reward you with 200 to 500 coins. You will earn money even if you lose matches.

- Playing The Journey Hunter Returns story mode will bring you more Coins.

- If you regularly complete League Games and climb, you’ll get several 1000 coins as a reward.

TOTW Challenge, FIFA 18, FUT Coins Farming

- If you are a FIFA 18 veteran, you can join the FUT matches of the Coin Boost . This allows you to increase your earned coins for a few games.

Earn Coins on the FIFA 18 Transfer Market

FIFA 18, FUT, Coins Farming Guide, Transfer Market Screen

- You can also earn considerable amount of FIFA coins by buying and selling players on the transfer market. If you want to earn in this way, please note the following:

- If you have some unwanted or expensive players, you can sell them on the transfer market and earn few extra coins.

FIFA 18, FUT, Bid Prices, Coins Farming Guide, Transfer Market Screen,

- The time plays a role here. In the afternoon, in the evening and mostly on the weekends, the transfer market is more active. It is best to sell them during these times to earn more. On the other hand, you should look out for good offers outside these times.

- Be sure to check out the offers for the launch of FIFA 18. Many users will sell their packs to earn quick money. These offers usually run 60 minutes and you should then hit the last minute to sell the same packs again for higher price.