Metroid Samus Returns: All Endings

Metroid Samus Returns is a 3DS adventure video game and is the remake of Metroid 2, which released for the Game Boy in 1991.

Metroid Samus Returns is slightly more linear than the previous games in the series. Your task is to destroy all Metroids on the planet SR 388 and clean area by area. There are many secrets waiting for you. In the following video guide, we show you all the ending screens of the game.

As a Metroid veteran, you know that you get a different endings depending on the game time. The End is perhaps not quite right, because in the end only the last picture changes, on which Samus gives you more or less cloths / suits.

These times you should remember:

- Playtime under 4 hours: Samus takes off her suit and says goodbye to Zero Suit Samus.

- Playing time between 4 and 8 hours: Samus finishes her helm at the end.

- Playtime over 8 hours: The normal end of the game, in which you watch Samus in full gear.