Monster Hunter Stories: Smell, Weight and Find Rare Eggs

In Monster Hunter Stories, you will find eggs in a monster nest and you can hatch them to get better bonuses.

If you are in a monster nest and find an egg in it, you can either just plug it in or pack it and continue until you hit an egg that pleases you. In doing so, you should not go outside, because the weight and smell give you hint on the quality of the skills and the amount of slots that the hatching monster possesses.

(1 is the best)
Egg Smell
Egg Weight
1 Very Nice Smell Very Heavy 
2 Nice Smell Heavy
3 Smelly Little Bit Heavy 
4 Little Bit Smelly Normal
5 Doesn't Smell Little Bit Light

- Light

-Very Light

As for the outside, there are eggs which are very similar. If you don’t notice the difference, then you will probably think that it doesn’t matter exactly how the eggs look like and that there is no statement about the content. It's not like that. A hard-working player has made the effort to publish the eggs that he could assign as a picture on You do not find all the possible monsters, but it still helped us.

Where Can I find the rare eggs?

The chances of finding rare, heavy and smelling eggs are higher if you are looking for a rare monster nest. This is not guaranteed. If you go to a gold / rare cave, you can also find a normal egg there.

However, you should not leave out a rare cave at all. As soon as you see one, go inside and get the egg. If there's a monster, you'll creep into the nest and find an egg. If it attacks you, just choose escape. We have always been able to get out of the fight in such cases and keep the eggs anyway.

Once you've played the story, you'll unlock more rare caves. They are red. The monsters in it are not easy to defeat. Here, too, you can try to escape. Don’t leave the red caves, because the eggs are simply the best.