NBA 2K18: Earn Virtual Currency (VC) Quickly - Guide

In NBA 2K18, there are a few ways to earn Virtual Currency (VC) quickly. In this guide, we show you how to farm VC quickly and safely without risking your account.

For this method you need to do some steps. This is only the first time and afterwards, you can quickly earn VC without any previous settings. The list is quite long, but you will love the result, as you get about 1,000 VC each time.

- Go to MyGM / My League
- Now select My League
- Then to the current teams.
- Now set to Normal Season and then to Start Mode.
- Now you should choose one of the best teams in the league (Warriors or Cleveland).

- Now go to the options and press Options again.
- Now you see a calendar overview and are asked how the rookies are to be created. Select - automatic creation.
- Now you must press Circle / B and navigate to the rightmost menu in the menu.
- There you go to my league settings and set the duration of the quarters to twelve minutes.
- Then you have to adjust to the normal settings and the game speed from maximum.
- Then go back to the options and select the CPU / Users tab.
- There you select the first option 100 and 0.

Now click on the next game and choose simulate with simcast. Next, you'll be in the Simulation Overview and you have to simulate the game until just before the end of the fourth quarter. You can stop the simulation and should do this a moment earlier because there is a small delay. Then you play the rest of the game and get a decent VC reward.

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Sponsoring in MyCareer

If you see your mobile phone with your professional in your career, you can see the app for targets. With these you can start a quasi series. It leads you to your manager, Bryan, who is getting more and more contracts for sponsorship. The more you receive this sponsorship, the bigger your earnings and you will be able to farm a regular free VC.

MyNBA2K18 App

The Companion app for NBA 2K18 lets you connect your mobile to your account and get additional VC. There you can do fast games in a card game and receive 500 VC daily. In addition, there is a daily registration bonus of 100 VC and other rewards as soon as the NBA season has started.