NBA 2K18: Fix FPS Drops, Crashes, Freezes and Lags

Many users of NBA 2K18 have been complaining about problems such as game crashes, Frame Rate Drops, Lags and game won’t start issues. The developer and publisher 2K is already working on some of these problems and promises immediate patch.

The main problem is probably that the save games are lost and you lose your game progress and virtual currency. The PC users also have problems with the frame rate drops. In this guide, we will give some suggestions for fixing these problems.

Fix NBA 2K18 Won’t Start Issue

This problem may arise at the beginning of the game. You have downloaded the files, installed it and now ... it has to be copied. There is a very slow progress and you can hardly use functions of the game. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this issue other than to wait and run the process.

NBA 2K18, Fix FPS Drops, Crashes, Freezes, Lags
The servers have stability issues, so you only have the chance to connect the network to your device. Alternatively, you can also check the network connectivity to find out whether the problem is with you. If you are connected to the WLAN, the deactivation of other WLAN devices can bring a little more speed.

NBA 2K18 Crashes After Every My Park Game

Some PC players are complaining about crashing after every My Park Game. To fix this problem you have to check your antivirus program. If the nba2k18.exe is there with limited access or even not trustworthy, you must specify exceptions so that it is not further blocked.

Frame Rate Drops - Low FPS

This can happen if the game has very low image rates. You may encounter this issue even with very powerful PCs. Disabling the VSYNC would help you to fix this problem most of the time. In addition, you should check your graphics card drivers and update with the latest versions.

Unable to Download the BA 2K18 Update

From time to time you may encounter the file corruption error. If you have problem downloading the update that does not affect the connection, it can help if you start a fast game and leave it for a few minutes. During the game you should be warned that an update is necessary and you can start it immediately.


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