NBA 2K18: Perfect Big Man / Center Build Guide

In NBA 2K18, you can create a perfect center / big man with more skill to serve your team. He can also achieve perfection in individual categories. Some of the skills are not only reliant on the attributes, but simply on timing. So your own skills add to the account of the rebounds and blocks.

You can simply accustom to the professionals, so you can assess possible roles. For My Park you can stop many point guards, shooting guards and small forwards with a center as they are often underestimated.

Post Scorer Big Man / Center Build

If you are committed to Post Scoring, you can have great successes. Your big man becomes an offensive machine that can hardly be stopped. Besides, you can achieve good values in additional areas with this Center Build. For this build, it is important to remember that you can replace the secondary skill to improve weakness.

- Primary Skill: Post Scoring
- Secondary Skill: Post Scoring / Rebounding / Driving and Finishing / Defending
- Height: 2.15m
- Weight: Very high - no maximum
- Wingspan: Maximum

Rebound / Defending Center Build

With this center build, you are a safeguard for the opposing offensive. You are an extremely powerful defender, block almost every shot, and rip every rebound to you. This center build is very strong in NBA 2K18, but sadly you have few skills in the attack. You can still score points, but your speed and lack of ball handling will force you to take a cautious game.

- Primary Skill: Rebounding
- Secondary skill: defense
- Height: 2.15 - 2.20m
- Weight: Very high value, but make sure that your center can still jump.
- Wingspan: Maximum

Coast to Coast Center Build

With this center build, you can move to the hoop easily. It is up to your own taste whether your center should play this position with a lot of weight and strength or whether he should be a bit more nimble to dominate the Coast to Coast. With this center build you get very high values for height, rebounding and strength.

- Primary skill: Rebounding
- Secondary Skill: Driving and Finishing
- Height: 2.15m
- Weight: 140 kg.
- Wingspan: Maximum

This build offers a very high speed and acceleration for such a big player. It will vary with your weight and size.


  1. Have u tried these build.? Keeping up with the 7'3 centers


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