NBA 2K18: Power Forward Build Guide

In NBA 2K18, Power Forward is stronger than a small forward, more responsive than a center, and can shoot the ball with his long arms over shooting guards. It's hard to choose a build, so there are only three examples for you to customize.


With the Hybrid power forward build in NBA 2k18, you are with modern players who not only perform defensive tasks, but are also able to score quickly thanks to their surprising mobility. Instead of going into a powerful post, you can dribble with the hybrid and gain enough force for a declining dunk.

- Primary skill: Driving and Finishing
- Secondary skill: Defending
- Height: 2.05 - 2.10m
- Weight: 115 kg
- Wingspan: average

This build gives you very high values on different positions and therefore, we recommend it to you. You can also make your player bigger, so you get more power in the area.

NBA 2K18, Power Forward Build; Guide

As a pure defender, your role is to help the center and thus represent a comprehensive defense. As a power forward, you will occasionally defend outside thezone, making shot blocking a very interesting subject for you.

- Primary skill: Defending
- Secondary Skill: Rebounding
- Height: 2.10m
- Weight: 115 kg
- Wingspan: Maximum

With this build you are more powerful in the defense. The rebound strength allows you to gain second chance and upset the enemy defense.

NBA 2K18; Power Forward Build; Guide
Attacker (Post Scorer / Stretch 4)

With this combination you can do a lot of damage in the offensive. However, you should make a decision on what your power forward is to specialize in. We will introduce you to the Post Scorer. This can win, with the back to the hoop, every one-on-one.

- Primary Skill: Post Scoring
- Secondary Skill: Shot Creating
- Height: 2.05 - 2.10m
- Weight: approx. 120 kg for Post Scorer or 110 kg for Stretch 4
- Wingspan: High value for Post Scorer, lower value for Stretch 4

If the Post Scorer does not suit you, you can also go for the Stretch 4 by selecting the third as a second talent and casting as the primary skill. The aggressive variant provides driving and finishing combined with shooting. This means you not only reach the hoop but also dominate the middle distance.