NBA 2K18: Small Forward Build Guide

In NBA 2K18, as a small forward you are responsible for the scoring. You can use many skill moves to score points and snap striking dunks. In addition there are possibilities for post scoring. The common issue with this position is that you have to decide ...

NBA 2K18 Small Forward Slasher Build

The slasher jumps over the opposite players or dunk them in the face! In addition, players feel a constant urge to go to the hoop. Therefore, you should bring some body size and weight, so you cannot be too easy to block out. For the NBA 2K18 small forward slasher build you should consider the followings:

- Primary Skill: Driving and finishing 
- Secondary Skill: Fit / passing and ball handling 
- Height: 2.05m - 2.10m
- Weight: 105kg
- Wingspan: High

With this small forward slasher build you can create many chances yourself and finish impressively. If you want to achieve the highest Dunking values, you can alternatively choose Penetration and Finishing twice. If you want to give your shooting more weight, you have to replace your handball by shooting or 3-point shooting

Choose Your Position; Menu; NBA 2K18; Small Forward

NBA 2K18 Shooting Small Forward

This build is rather something for fans of jump shots. A clear shooter is rather unusual for a small forward, but you have the advantage that he can shoot over other players because his body size gives him an advantage.

- Primary Skill: Shooting / 3-point
- Secondary Skill: Fit / passing and ball handling / 3-Point
- Height: 2.00m
- Weight: 92 - 95kg
- Wingspan: Lower mean value, so that the hoots from the dribbling are improved.

Even if this build specializes in shooting, you still have the opportunity to move to the hoop every now and then, as your small forward can pass by the strong dribbling at his opponents.

NBA 2K18 Defensive Small Forwards

The Defensive Small Forward puts a lot of your attentions on a good mediocre. In addition, there are defensive values that come to the highest levels. You only have a Hall of Fame, but all the attributes are on a very high level and you will be dominant. This build comes quite close to the LeBron from Miami times. But this is neither pro nor challenging.

- Primary skill: shooting
- Secondary skill: driving and finishing
- Height: 2.05m
- Weight: average
- Wingspan: average

This build is one of the best variants in NBA 2K18, as he is perfectly suited for the defensive and is nevertheless considered an all-rounder in all other areas.