PES 2018: Beginner’s guide, tips and strategies

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (PES 2018) is now available on all major platforms. In this guide, we have listed some useful tips that will help you hit the ground.

PES 2018: Long Rage Kicks

In PES 2018, the long range kicks are much more precise than in the past editions of the game. This is an excellent technique to avoid closed defenses. So, whenever you observe good empty areas, look for your best finishers and don’t hesitate to use them for long rage kicks.

A good idea is to check out the individual attributes of the players and find out which ones have the best ability for long runs. This way, it will be easier to avoid isolated or easily defendable balls.

PES 2018: Use Dribbling and Skill Moves To Score Goals

The skill moves in PES 2018 have improved. They are now much more responsive and easy to use. Skillful players like Neymar, Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo are good options to deal with your opponents.

If you have not yet mastered these dribbling techniques, then play the free practice mode and spend a few minutes practicing the most common moves, such as pedaling, spinning and cutting. During matches you will be able to apply these moves in different situations.

PES 2018: One-Twos and Triangle Pass

1-2 triangle passes are extremely efficient and difficult to stop. Try to use formations where your boots and attackers get closer - this makes it easier to pass. Close to the opposing area, always be aware of infiltrations of their attackers, which can easily be in the face of the goal.

PES 2018: Place and Corner Kicks

Face to face with the goalkeeper? Replace the jabs on the kick button with more subtle and efficient touches. For a kick put, just hold R2 / RT and choose the corner to move the goalkeeper.

PES 2018: Speed Burst

Pressing the R1 button twice, your defender will try to steal the ball. When well used, this command is effective but a runtime error can completely ruin your defense.

To avoid faults, leave the site only as a last option. Instead of trying shooting, surround the rival attackers and block the gaps to advance.

PES 2018: Switch Your Players

Much more than simply holding X / A to take the ball, a good defense requires advanced techniques and a lot of attention to detail. To avoid loopholes in your back, use L1 / LB to switch between your players and move them towards the attackers you want to score. This will void some of your opponent's pass options and cause him to get rid of the ball. Holding square / X, you can still call the aid of a second defender to press the rival.

Shift Your Defensive Line

Early marking lines are a strategy to stifle rivals' attacks, but they also leave plenty of free space on their backs for throws. If you have trouble marking long passes, manually recap your back and sides so that they cover those empty areas better.