Remove Source Collars in Divinity Original Sin 2

In Divinity Original Sin 2, your main character and all party members have Source Collars strapped to their necks. This Collar is designed to avoid you from casting spells. In this comprehensive guide, we show you how to get rid of the source collar from your protagonist and your party members / companions.

To remove the collar, you must complete several steps.

- First, find the entrance to the underground arena. You can enter it through the camp kitchen. Check out the map below to find the exact location.

- Here you have to participate in a contest and win. It does not matter, with how many participants you participate in the fight, just as many will be presented to you.

Divinity Original Sin 2, DOS2, Underground Arena, Entrance Location Map, Source Collar Guide, Nebora

- Next you must return to Nebora. If you don’t know where to find her, check out the location on the map below. You’ll find her in a small house near the fort gate.

Divinity Original Sin 2, Nebora Location Map, Source Collars Guide

- Nebora will immediately know that you are the hero from the arena fight and you must confirm it. Then, ask her what you’ll get as reward for completing the arena fight.

Nebora offers you to remove the Source Collar.

Next, go to the Amadia's Sanctuary / Shrine, where you will find Gareth. Of course you can also go directly to Gareth, if you know where he is. The location is shown on the map below.

Divinity Original Sin 2, DOS2, Gareth Location Map, Source Collars Guide, Leya

Here you will find a fortress. Go in from the south because you only have to fight against Magister. Gareth will also help you and then you can talk to him. He makes sure that he returns to the Amadia’s Sanctuary and promises him everything he desires.

Go to the Amadia’s Sanctuary and find Duggan and Leya near the waypoint. Talk to them and Leya will be so happy that you have saved Gareth and as a reward she offers you to remove the Source Collars of the whole party.