Ways to Earn Legendary Shards / Fragments in Destiny 2

The legendary shards are a new in-game currency in Destiny 2 that you can use to buy exotics from Xur. In this guide, we show you how to get these fragments.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get the legendary shards in Destiny 2 is to convert your glimmer. If you have enough glimmer in your hand then you can do this as follows:

- Buy the random blue mods for 2,500 glimmer from the gunsmith (Banshee-44) in the tower.

- With him, you can also exchange three blue mods of the same type for a legendary mod.

- You can dismantle the legendary mod to get a legendary shards and a mod component.

- For two mod components and 1,000 glimmer you can create another legendary mod, which you can dismantle and get more legendary shards.

With this method, you can collect large amount of legendary shards, depending on the glimmer contest. Note that you can only use this method from Power level 280, since the exchange of equipment mods will only be unlocked at Banshee-44.

Legendary shards are given in different ways. The easiest way is to dismantle your legendary and exotic weapons and armor using the square or X button. You will get the following quantities:

- 1 Legendary equipment = 2 legendary shards

- 1 Exotic equipment = 10 legendary shards

In addition, there are many other ways to get legendary shards.

- A Nightfall Strikes: These are weekly activities, which must be played through in a harder version and you’ll be rewarded with shards upon successful completion.

- Flashpoints: This is also a weekly activity, some areas in the game are explained to Flashpoint areas. At this time, complete as many tasks as possible in these places, to earn shards.

- Chests in Lost Sectors: Lost sectors are hidden dungeons in Destiny 2. They are easy to find by a corresponding symbol on the map. Defeat all enemies in such a sector to get the chest.

- Raid Chests: Chests during raids can also contain Shards.

- Reward of Raid - and Strike bosses (low Chance): Defeat bosses in strikes or raids to get more shards.

- Region chests (low Chance): These chests, like the Lost Sectors, are also marked with a symbol on the map and have a golden appearance. Open any that you can find!

If you want to optimize the farms of the legendary shards, follow these tips

- Complete the weekly activities such as Nightfall Strikes, Raids, and Flashpoints with all your characters. For as in the first part, you can create three characters and share the legendary shards between them.

- You should also clear the Lost Sectors with all three characters. Keep in mind that they will not respawn again. If you have completed a Lost Sector, it will be grayed out on the map.

- If you want to dismantle equipment, focus on legendary items. They can be farmed faster and exotic weapons and armor are usually too costly to dismantle. If you are on PVP, you can earn the legendary equipment in the Melting Pot.

- Strike bosses and region chests should be your last stop for legendary shards as the drop chance is relatively low.