Assassin’s Creed Origins: Best Skills Hunter, Warrior, Seer

In Assassin’s Creed Origins, (AC Original / ACO) the abilities are separate into Hunter, Warrior and Seer. For some you only need one ability point, others you have to complete certain task or side quest. For each level you advanced in the game you’ll get skill point.

It is important to unlock skills at the beginning of the game, as this will save you from certain death. You should unlock the following two skills as early as possible.

Regeneration (Passive): During a combat, your health regenerates.

Parry: With this skill you will not only able to defend enemy attacks but also you can perform a critical attack and overcome your opponent's defense.

Some of the best skills for your protagonist Bayek can be found in the Seer Talent tree. The sleep darts are also good for hunting or fighting with bosses. Regardless of your gameplay, the following Seer skills will unlock for one skill point at a time:

- Sleep Darts: With this darts you will be able to unconscious lower levels enemies and animals for a short period of time, so that you can sneak in and kill them. This tactic also works against the first bosses.

Assassin’s Creed Origins ACO, Best Skills, Skill Tree Guide, Hunter, Warrior, Seer

- Smoke Screen: If you are involved in a melee fight, you can create a smoke barrier around you after a close combat attack or dodge, stun the opponent and break the visual contact with them. This is also very effective against large opponent groups, bosses and also animals will withdraw. You can even upgrade this ability with Smoke screen damage.

You can unlock Skills in the Seer Talent tree and each will bring you more income from traders.

- Salesman (passive): You can sale animal products and items with a + 25% profit.

For more experience, faster level-up and more skill points, you can consider two more abilities for your skill. 

- Assassination XP (Passive): You will get extra XP if your opponent kills by assassination.

- Headshot XP (Passive): You will get extra XP when your opponent kills with headshots.

Therefore, all of these skills are very useful and you can unlock them after you gain a few skill points. We also show you some important skills that can be very useful later in the game especially against final bosses.

- Chain Assassination: This is a Hunter skill and you need 3 skill / ability points to unlock it. After a successful assassination, you can use Triangle / Y to execute another one.

- Bow Bearer: A Hunter skill, to unlock this you need 2 skill points. Hold R2 / RT to control the arrow and provide more head shots.

- Bow Fury: A Hunter skill, to unlock this you need 3 skill points. If you make a silent killing with an arc, the time for the next three seconds is slowed down as long as you are aiming with the bow.

- Overpower Chain Throw: This is a Warriors skill and you need 3 skill points to unlock. After a successful overpower attack, press your R1 / RB to throw the enemy's weapon to another opponent.

- Adrenaline 2 (passive): A Warriors skill. To unlock Adrenaline 2 you need 3 ability points. Your adrenaline display is always filled with +25% at the beginning of a fight.

- Animal Taming: This is a Seer skill and you need 3 ability points to unlock this. You can unconscious animals with the sleep dart and then tame them with triangle / Y. (Assume that you have the ability sleep dart).

Generally, you can customize your own skills. The Warrior talent tree focuses on skills that train you in direct confrontation with your enemies.

If you want to go unnoticed through Egypt and kill opponents silently, then you should unlock skills in the Hunter Talent Tree. If you want to interact more with your environment and promote your dealings with NPCs, then you should go with the Seer Talent tree.