Beat Morgan Freeman in South Park The Fractured but Whole

In South Park The Fractured but Whole, you will find Morgan Freeman on the main street in South Park. He operates the Freemans Tacos and teaches you about crafting so don’t start a fight with him now. You should challenge him if you have at least 800 Might.

You must meet the following requirements before you attempt to fight against Morgan

At the beginning of the game you must pick a white character if you want to start a fight against Morgan Freeman as he fights only against white characters. If you have picked a black person in order to get the achievement The Token Experience, you don’t have to restart the game as you can change your race at any time at PC Principal in Crunchy's Microbrew.

The best thing to do is to complete the main story as it raises your might level to over 800. Then go to Freemans Tacos on the main street in South Park. Go inside and behind the counter you’ll find Morgan Freeman, you can hit him to start the boss fight.

How to Beat Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a tough boss to deal with as he has 9999 health points. Morgan Freeman has the following abilities / skills.

Beat Morgan Freeman, Guide, South Park The Fractured But Whole

- Morgan has a powerful fart attack that hits several characters
- From time to time, he summons a young Morgan who fights for him as Minion.
- He has a melee combo attack that causes high damage to a character.
- With his charm, he charms enemies, who then fight for him

Tip: Since the battle takes considerable time in SPTFBW, you should equip your character with the Ultimate Power "Nature's Gift" of the class "Plantmancer".

When choosing your party or team members for the fight you are relatively free. However, the following characters are recommended.

- Call Girl: She can always attack with one of her abilities, no matter where she or the opponent is on the battlefield.
- Mosquito: Through life, Mosquito can heal itself with every hit and does not have to be healed all the time.
- Fast pass: With one of his abilities, Fastpass is invisible after the attack and can survive longer.