Big Gay Al’s Cats Locations in South Park Scavenger Hunt

After completing the main mission In South Park: The Fractured but Whole, you can take the side quest Scavenger Hunt: Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Cats where you have to find six missing cats for Big Gay Al.

You can find Big Gay Al in the north-east of your house. Just go to the playground to locate his residence. Note that you can only begin this quest once you have mastered the Timefart skill. Otherwise, the cats escaped you.

Below you will find all cat names and their locations.

- Big Gay Bono: Look west of the church at the fast travel point. Bono is sitting in a tree, so you have to take him down with a firecracker before you start the TimeFart.

- Big Gay Kirby: This cat also sitting on a tree branch close to Bebe’s house. Use the firecrackers again to break the branch.

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- Big Gay Loki: Look for the construction site next to the South Park Mall, but don’t go too close to it, otherwise the cat will run into the bushes. Instead, use the TimeFart as soon as you see Loki.

- Big Gay Shadow: You can find this cat sits near Tweek Bros Coffee shop or in front of the Bijou Cinema. Again don’t go too close to the cat as it disappears into the bushes.

- Big Gay Bogie: If you follow the road from the Hillvale Farm and the Canadian Wall northeast, you will find this cat on a tree branch. Use the TimeFart pause and push the basket with member berries to him, so he cannot block you anymore. In the next area, Bogie is already waiting for you.

- Big Gay Blossom: You can find Blossom in SoDoSoPa camp area. Here you need to get some help from Kyle, with the Fatkour skill you can catch the cat.

Once you have completed this side quest and bring all the six cats to Big Gay Al, he will reward you with cat costume as well as the snowcat costume.