Digimon Linkz (Eng. Version) Strategy for Level Up Fast

The English version (Global / Western release) of Digimon Linkz (2017), from Bandai Namco Entertainment, is now available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. It is based on the previous mobile version of the Digimon series and featuring 3vs3 turn-based battle, a farm to train your Digimons and various missions that can be played in co-op mode.

Earn More XP and Level Up Fast

Like any other RPG, in DigimonLinks you gain experience (EXP / XP) by wining battles or completing missions but it becomes tiring after a while as it costs stamina points and so the best strategy for level up quickly in Digimon Linkz is to repeat a low cost activity with high XP.

If you are in the early stages of the game, then it is best to repeat the Stage 03 of Area 03. Use the automatic combat mode with double speed to make everything even faster. Another option, for those who are more advanced in the game, is to repeat the last mission of Area 13 and 14.

Note: The Digimon will only gain the XP if they stay on the team until the end of the battle. If he dies (and not recover stamina) he will receive nothing.

How to Recover Stamina - Unlock Restaurant

You can use restaurants to regain or increase your Stamina that you will unlock during the cause of the gameplay - and will be one of the most useful to level up. Here the best strategy is to use the upgrade of the area (facility level up) in your favor to regain your health.

Digimon Linkz, English Version, Restaurant, Guide

Are you doing a high-cost activity, and complete it? Upgrade the restaurant. The cost is low and in addition to recovering all the stamina, it also expands the total limit of your bar. You start the upgrade, but don’t finish the facility yet. First, exhaust your stamina completely, then finish building to retrieve everything at once.

Get Evolution Items

The evolution of Digimon depends on specific materials that are obtained on missions or as rewards for completing daily quests. However, there are more effective ways to do these items.

While the basic items are in Normal Quests, the most important for Ultimate and Mega forms are unique to Daily Quests and Advent Quests. The first separates the materials by type and days of the week and the then change according to the events of the game.

Daily Quests: Monday - Null, Tuesday - Fire, Wednesday - Water, Thursday - Earth, Friday - Thunder, Saturday - Dark and Sunday - Light.

If you don’t want to wait to pick up the daily items or you want to skip the Daily Quests then you can use your precious DigiStones, You need five of them, to unlock any Daily Quest for 30 minutes.

Co-Op Mode Guide / Tips

The most notable addition to DigimonLinks is the cooperative battle mode. If you pack on a mission or you want to face a strong boss, then start the co-op match and wait for two more players. The fight will be easier and everyone will receive the same items and experience. You can use the board on your Digi Farm to join Co-Op mode in Digimon Linkz. The party / team leader will be auto selected but that you can change before you click the ready button.

Digimon Linkz, English Version, Co Op Mode, Guide

How to Pass, Move or Transfer Your Skills to Another Digimon

The Dojo has a very useful skill transfer option (Legacy Skill). This function allows you to move or transfer skills from one Digimon to another by sacrificing the partner Digimon so that another receives its combat skill - that can be used in a fight. This allows you to change your fighting strategy to take advantage of the elemental advantages of a hit or turn a monster into support.

Digimon Linkz, English Version, Dojo, Skill Transfer Option

Use The Advantages Of Each Element

Take advantages and disadvantages of each element - for example: water is strong against fire - as double damage on enemies will save you time. Missions are sorted by elements that make the task easy. If you don’t have a Digimon that takes advantage, use skill transfer.

Save DigiStones and Link Points

The game also has a gatcha system. As tempting to use 20 DigiStones - but don’t waste your stones here. Save up to 200 DigiStones or Link Points. This way, you will have more chances to get the Digimon you want and you can win bonus.