ELEX: Advantages of PSI, Stims and Mana

Spells, Stims and PSI are the factions abilities in ELEX. This makes them different from each other. While the clerics use PSI power, the berserkers use Mana / spells and Outlaws will use Stims. In the end, all have a defense or additional damage. Beside your health bar, you can also see your spiritual strength (PSI or Mana) that drains itself by the use of the special attacks. As a user of magic, you can replenish them with Spells / Mana and as PSI users you should use energy. Outlaws simply use stimulents.

PSI Power

As a cleric, you can pick between two items that will give you access to certain skills. These are the PSI thrower and the PSI amplifier and differ in their attacks:

PSI Thrower:

- Force Field: A force field that causes damage when touched.
- PSI Projectile: You shoot a projectile of PSI energy. This is useful when there are neutral or allied NPCs are around.
- Mental Manacle: This will immobilize the enemies in the target area.

PSI Amplifier:

- Black Hole: A black hole is created, which pulls your opponents to itself and knock them down.
- Chain Lightning: You shoot a projectile that can bounce between enemies.
- EMP Blast: This is particularly effective against machines and mutants.

In this faction, you begin with lowest rank Acolyte and you have to decide between the two objects. As soon as you climb up to the legate, you get the second variant. So decide what attacks you are more like. If you are ready to use both weapons, you should test each attack and choose a favorite, otherwise they might be overloaded. It also helps to know what options are available to you and which attack will work.

ELEX, PSI, Stims, Mana, Cleric, Outlaw, Berserker


As an Outlaw, you can use Stims to boost your abilities but are only active for a certain time. This will increase your armor or damage / health regeneration.

If you joined this faction, you can get so much of this harmful stuff. Otherwise the use of these substances will cost you 50% of your experience. Therefore, be careful and consider carefully whether you are facing an enemy with increased strength or not. Another advantage of joining the villains from the desert is that you can have multiple Stims at the same time. This is not possible for other factions.


As a Berserker, you gain access to powerful spells, which either hurl directly against your enemies or protect, strengthen, or heal yourself. As you climb the ranks, you gain access to more and more powerful spells.

In addition to the attacks that your opponents directly deal with damage, we highly recommend the spell Aspect of the Warrior as you get + 100% damage. All the spells you can deal with mana. The Berserkers were able to convert Elex to Mana, and they looked so independent. Since the element was converted, it should not have the same negative effects.