ELEX: Fastest way to Get Unlimited Elexit Money - Cheat

In Elex, you need Elexit to buy new equipment and to pay trainer to gain new abilities. There is a glitch in the game that will allow you to earn unlimited money.

If you want to earn money without cheating, then you should not read this guide. In this quick and short guide, we show you one of the best and fastest methods to farm unlimited Elexit in Elex. The developers may fix this glitch soon, until then you can use this trick to earn lots of cash in the game.

First, find an item that is the same in both buy and sale. Here, we selected cigarettes. As it is easy to find and collect in the game world. Now look for a trader.

- Now go to a trader and sell him all your cigarettes.

- You can also use any inventory item from the merchant. Make sure he has at least 4 items of it with same selling and buying price - in our example, 4 cigarettes.

- After selling your cigarettes to the trader, talk to him again.

- Click on the cigarettes in his sales window and pick the shopping cart in the top right corner.

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- Select the cigarettes here and press at the same time: X and Enter on PC, Square and X on PS4 or X and A on Xbox One.

- If everything worked, you can now see the quantity window without being in the trading menu.

- Now move your character two steps back. If Jax doesn’t move, the glitch will work anyway.

- Then you have to press X twice and Enter once on the PC, twice Square and once X on the PS4 or twice X and once A on the Xbox One.

- Talk to the trader now. The cigarettes are in your inventory and you have not spent any money on them.

- Sell him the cigarettes again and repeat the steps from point 4.