ELEX: Four Houses - Picture Locations Guide

During the Four Houses quest / puzzle in ELEX, you have to collect a total of nine pictures / photos / images and they are scattered throughout each of the four areas - Edan, Tavar, Ignadon and Abessa. Your protagonist, Jax, will have to travel a fairly long distance to find them. Therefore, we recommend you to start this quest later stage of your adventure. However, you can also search these pictures during your journey through the areas and factions. Below you’ll find the locations of all pictures.

- To get the first one, you have to climb into the tower above the shelter in Edan.

- For the second one, you have to look for the ruin and then go to the top floor in Edan.

- To get the third one you have to get to the broken tower / pit in Ignadon.

- For the fourth one, you have to go to Tavar. There you’ll find a hut go inside to get the picture.

- The fifth one is located in the ruin in Edan

- For the sixth one you have to go to the Abessa. There you’ll find some strong enemies so it’s better to level up first, and then go to this place.

- The seventh one is located in Xacor. Here, too, you’ll find some strong opponents. Therefore, this area should be avoided if you are too weak.

- To get the eight one, you have to go to the Edan, Reach the top floor of the building, which is marked on the map. Again, you find some strong enemies.

- The last one, you’ll find in three different places in Tavar and Ignadon

As soon as you collected all pictures, go to the Capital Hort and look for Eve. You’ll find the location on the map. To open all doors you need the code: 7817.

If you have not approached Eva, you should visit the following elevator:

ELEX, Eve Location, Elevator, Four Houses Quest

Alternatively, you can also go to this elevator.