ELEX: Hack, Lock Pick and Converter Door Codes guide

In ELEX, you’ll find locked safes and doors, and when you stand in front of the keypad you’ll find a brief instruction for hacking (Note: to get the hacking skill / ability you have to complete the main mission Ulbricht's Big Offensive)  “Find the right combination using the equation. Some numbers are larger or smaller than others. Green numbers are correct and stand still, yellow ones are correct but in the wrong place and red ones are not in the combination”.

Between the numbers you’ll find the sign: <and> that means the numbers next to them are either larger or smaller. Here, you'll have at least four hacking attempts if you've already learned how to hack at level 1. With the right skills you can improve your chances of success.

Hack: This is one of the Crafting skills and once you have it you can try to open an electronic lock. In total, there are three levels that allow you to crack more complicated locks.

Professional Hacker: This skill also available under "crafting". With each level up (there are only two in total) you will get an extra hacking attempt.

Hold Your Horses: This skill will give you more time when hacking. You can also find this under "Crafting" and it has only one level.

ELEX, Hack, Keypad, Key Combination, Guide

In addition to the electric locks that are secured with a code, you’ll also find very classic door locks that you have to pick with a lock pick. The first time you try to pick one of these locks, you will learn that you have to move the lock pick to the right and to the left to determine the correct position for the bolts.

- To pick a lock, you have to move the lock pick first to the right, stop briefly with each bolt to see if it lights up blue as you move on.

- If you notice that a bolt is blue and stays up, then you know it's the first one right.

- Next you go either to the left or to the right to find out which stud will stay up next.

- If you have chosen the wrong bolt, the right ones will fall down and you will have to start over. So be sure to remember the order you've found so far.

All Converter Door Codes / Combination Keys

Albs use converters to get Elex. In the buildings you will find computers or terminals where you can use or enter combination codes to open doors. If you are unable to find the correct combination to hack doors, then below you’ll find some of the converter door codes.

Edan: 1438
Tavar: 3729
Ignadon: 4486
South Abessa: 5768
North Abessa: 3210
East Xacor: 0666


  1. west xacor 0475

    What is the code for the safe in east xacor next to the 0666 keypad just left of the door, in the dark cubby area?

  2. Ignadon door code is 4715 the locked box is 4486


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