ELEX: Romance with Companions and their Locations

In ELEX, Jax can recruit a total of seven followers / companions namely Caja, Arx, Falk, C.R.O.N.Y. U4, Duras, Ray and Nasty. These companions offer you some tricky and dangerous quests, and successfully completing them will not only your followers get more combat power but also increase your relationship with them. You can also develop romantic relationships with some of these companions.

In fact, you can start a romantic relationship with only two companions namely Caja and Nasty. With them, you will have a long companion quest to search new Elex deposit. Caja's Quest is called "New Insights." For this you need mana to give her. And also you must defeat a few monsters near a world heart. You should have better armor to complete this quest quickly.

You have to do the following to start a romance with Caja:

- Travel around with her and take her as a companion for the most part of the mission.

- Complete quests with her.

- Choose dialogues that she likes.

- Join the Berserker faction. You should join this faction Berserkers so that Caja may like you.

If you managed to persuade her to a romance, she will ask you almost at the end of the game if you can imagine a life after the fight against the Albs.

ELEX, Romance Guide, Caja

As mentioned above, in her quest you must visit Elex deposit and each place is guarded by strong monsters. At the same time, more powerful opponents are spawning than before. That is why you should always be well prepared and above all be well behaved. Besides, you should have made enough progress in the main mission to visit certain areas in the quest.

Elex, Romance Guide, Nasty

With Nasty it is almost the same. Complete your tasks as soon as you are on the way. However, these are very difficult. Because of the strong monsters in the quests you should have a high-level. Join the Outlaws and take Nasty with your adventures, the romance can almost start. Nasty is a bad girl and likes bad answers.

Locations of all companions

ELEX, Companions, Locations Map, Caja, Arx, Falk, Drone, C.R.O.N.Y. U4, Duras

Caja - In Domed City
Arx - In Domed City
Falk - In Edan
C.R.O.N.Y. U4 (Drone) - In Goliet
Duras - At the beginning of the game and in Goliet
Ray - Sandy Pines motel
Nasty (Angry Girl) - In The Fort


  1. you can romance Nasty too. Not sure the requirements but I was an outlaw and had her as my companion for most of the game.

  2. You definitely don't have to be a Berserker to make romance with Caja. I have easily succeeded being a Cleric. Just complete her quest (it became possible for me in chapter 3) and be good in other quests with her beside you.

  3. the game started off difficult to play, then as i finally leveled myself to defend myself respectfully, a bug appeared in the game and would not let me advance past chapter two, Zardom Battle Plans. THAT SUCKED, !!!!!


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