Elex: Unlock or Buy Armor from Traders - tips

In Elex, you won’t get the best / good armor unless you have joined one of the three factions and complete their quests. However, you can also buy armor from the following traders.

List of Armor Traders and their Locations

Armorsmith: You can find him in Goliet (Edan)

Travelling Merchant: This trader is located in the Fort -Tavar / Dome City

Camp Master: He is located in the Fort - Tavar

Xander: You can find him in Horth - Ignadon

Armor Master: This trader can be found in Horth - Ignadon

Armor consists of three different parts: Chest armor, leg armor and helmet. You buy these items separately and often you don’t need to wear them. A good armor set will be more expensive and if you have around 15,000 Elexit, then you can afford good faction armor.

If you want to buy the best armor in Elex, then you have to climb in the ranks of a faction. This will unlock new armor parts.

If you want to have Berserk armor, Outlaw armor or Cleric armor, then you have to prove yourself. Of course you have to join one of the factions first and then you can wear your armor. This is then a confession that you belong to the faction.

For example, the Cleric armor will not be available until you complete all of the necessary quests, and your rank is accordingly high. In the case of the Berserkers, there is the Paladin's armor at the end, for which you also have to complete the missions. This is the way to get the best armor in Elex.

 Elex, Jax, Berserk Faction, Unlock Armor, Paladin's Armor, Cultivator Armor

At this point the traders come into play again, because the unlocked armor will not be given to you, even if you have reached the necessary rank.