Elex: Weapons - Legendary, Benefits and Upgrade Guide

In Elex, you will not find many weapons and therefore, it is always good to upgrade your existing ones. For this, you need the Upgrade Weapons ability. For upgrading your weapons, you need a variety of materials that you can find in Magalan.

Each faction in the game has its own specialty and it is difficult to make an absolute classification. Since all of them excel in both short and long range combat, only the strengths are slightly higher than in others. Below you’ll find the most important advantages:

- Berserkers: Their Strength lies in Magic - Advantages: balanced and magic for elements and poison.

- Clerics: Their Strength lies in Close Combat - Advantages: you can use their Psi power for buffs and interactions.

- Outlaws: Their Strength lies in ranged ability -Advantages: You can use Stims that bring you strong, short-term buffs.

There are seven weapons categories in the game - One Handed, Two Handed, Ranged Combat, Heavy Weapons and Magic. The Berserkers have the Magic but the others can compensate for it well. The benefits and advantages of the weapons are:

- One-Handed Weapons: By the way you can also carry a shield. This will protect you and can throw enemies but with this weapon you cannot carry out a strong attack.

- Two-Handed Weapons: Very slow weapons but can cause huge damage, which is very useful in the later stages of the game.

- Ranged Combat: There is a selection of bullets, energy and plasma weapons and the classic bows.

- Heavy Weapons: This will slow down your progress and consume many resources. For this, the damage of rocket launchers, flamers etc. is extremely high.

- Magic and Grenades: You can use these "weapons" without any conditions and are very useful.

- Consumable: In the Albs you can find collectable items that you can use in combat.

You can use many of these weapons, regardless of which group you belong to.

 Elex Weapons Location, Legendary Weapons, Benefits, Upgrade Guide

List of Legendary Weapons and their Locations, and Benefits

There are few legendary weapons have been found so far. These are scattered and often well hidden in the game world. Below, you’ll find all the available legendary weapons and their locations.

- The Phantom Bow / String
- Ignis Artifex - two handed sword
- Calaan's Bulwark - the legendary shield
- Iron Shield
- The Redeemer - energy weapon
- Thunderclap - Shotgun
- Archon's Might - energy weapon

The Phantom Legendary Bow

For the legendary bow Phantom String, you have to go to Origin. This is a small village between Edan and Abessa. There you’ll find a tall tower. Reach the top of the tower to get the Phantom String. The bow has 50 meters of range and causes 72 damage. You can sell this Phantom bow and the dealer will pay you 1400 Elexit.

Ignis Artifex - two handed sword

You can get this weapon early in the game. The Berserker Born (Harvest Time quest) will send you to a lake where your plants are to be picked and brought to him. The lake is near the Goliet hotel and you have to swim to an island. In the center of the island you will find a well. Jump into the well and get the legendary sword from a stone. Ignis Artifax has 48 fire damage and you can sell it for 625 Elexit.

Calaan's Bulwark - the legendary shield

You can find Calaans legendary shield in the cleric's cliff. However, you must steal it from a room in the cathedral. The shield has 15 damage and +20 resistance to poisoning. You can sell it for 660 Elexit.

Iron Shield

Near the ruins, where you are tracing the beginning of the game of the dead cleric patrol, there is a bandit camp. In this camp await you Iron shield, but be careful, because there are many bandits who guard it. You can trick them and lure them from their camp to a dangerous monster nearby.

The Redeemer - legendary energy weapon

In Northern Abessa you will find a converter on the roof of that you’ll find The Redeemer. However, you must be careful, because there are many strong enemies hovering around. Use your jetpack and avoid unnecessary risks. The legendary weapon offers a range of 30 meters, 100 damage and has seven shots. You can sell "The Redeemer" for 3120 Elexit.

Thunderclap - legendary shotgun

Thunderclap can be found in Duke's Bunker in The Fort, the Outlaws. For this, you only have to break into Duke Logan's secret warehouse. You will find it on one of the upper floors of the Duke's bunker in the fort. However, a guard is patrolling the area during the day, so you have the choice whether you take him during the day or wait until he disappears in the night. Thunderclap has a range of 30 meters, caused 91 damage and has seven shots. If you sell it, you will get 1420 Elexit.

Archon's Might - energy weapon

For Archon's energy weapon, you must seek the hiding place of the claws. You’ll find it on a table in the hiding place during A Strange Mechanism quest. Archon's Power has a range of 30 meters, causing 45 damage and has a 15 shots. You can sell it for 430 Elexit.