Find and Defeat War Elephants in Assassin's Creed Origins

In Assassin's Creed Origins, you’ll encounter four strong opponents in Jumbe, Herwennefer, Surus and Qetesh and Resheph areas.

All War Elephant Locations:


You’ll find this War Elephant in the north eastern of the map, in the Herakleion Nome region / Roman Camp.

Assassin's Creed Origins, War Elephants, Jumbe, Herakleion Nome region, Roman Camp


This War Elephant is located on a rocky area in the White Desert Oasis in the south west of the map, west of the two rivers in this region.

Assassin's Creed Origins, War Elephants, White Desert Oasis, Herwennefer


This opponent can be found in the west, in the Green Mountains. / Roman Camp.

Assassin's Creed Origins, War Elephants, Surus, Green Mountains, Roman Camp

Qetesh and Resheph: 

This War Elephant can be found far to the south in the Uab Nome region. Orient yourself at the single vantage point in the area and go straight to south - just before the Desheret Desert border, you'll find the last opponent in the game.

Assassin's Creed Origins, War Elephants, Qetesh and Resheph, Uab Nome, Desheret Desert

On your map, the war elephants’ locations are shown with a golden question mark if they have not been found yet. This clearly sets them apart from the other areas with white question marks.

Tactics to Defeat War Elephants

There’s no particular order to defeat these War Elephants. However, you should have reached the maximum level of 40 and if possible have all crafting upgrades for melee and ranged damage and health (armor). A combination of a high performance assault weapon and a fast bow proven to be very effective against these four opponents.

Shoot the elephant with arrows. Supplies appear on the arena floor during the fight, so look for gold sparkling loot bundles. Once your power bar is full for the high-powered attack, you switch to your melee weapon and quickly rush toward the enemy. Then work on the legs - look for counterattacks!

On the other hand, the War Elephants have three melee attacks that can be seen in advance with a little practice: they lift one foot, they move their heads to one side, or they begin to turn their entire bodies. You can dodge to escape from them - press X (Xbox One) button on the gamepad or square on PS4. If possible, try to roll Bayek backwards or in the opposite direction to the swinging motion of the elephant. You should wait when it’s turning, before you use the melee attack: After the first half turn follows a second, which is difficult to avoid.

Afterwards you should stay at a distance and fill up your energy bar again with bow shots. After a while, the war elephants change their attack mode, then the soldiers shoot with arrows on the back of the opponents, throw fire or smoke bombs.

Rewards for Defeating War Elephants

After the fight against Herwennefer you’ll get the Shaman Legendary Outfit and the Predator Bow for defeating Qetesh and Resheph. In addition, there is one skill point for each defeated opponent - and a unique weapon after completing all four.