Fix Middle Earth Shadow of War Launch and Other Errors

Middle Earth Shadow of War (SoW) is the latest entry, and the sequel to Shadow of Mordor, in the Middle-earth video game series. The game continues the story of ranger Talion and sends you again to the war against Sauron and his armies.

Middle Earth: SoW is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. However, many SoW players have reported game won’t launch issues, bugs, crashes, PC errors, slow performance and lag problems. In this troubleshooting guide, we show you all the known and current SoW problems and provide fixes for them.

- If you are playing SoW on PC and experiencing stuttering, low frame rate or fps drops, black screen or lag issues then you should first check the hardware and software requirements so that you can see if your PC has the necessary specs to run the game.

- Also make sure that your graphic card drivers are up-to-date. Nvidia has already released a new GPU driver package. You can download the Middle Earth Shadow of War ready driver from the geforce website.

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- No Sound:

If you're experiencing a sound problem during game play, then you can try to change Realtek HD your settings to 16bit and 48kHz.

- Steam Family Sharing:

Some players have reported that they are unable to share shadow of the war through the family library at Steam. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) confirmed that they have fixed this issue.

- Nemesis Forge Doesn’t Work:

So far, there is no solution yet. Players who want to activate game content via Nemesis Forge are looking for their nemesis.

- Some players have reported that they are told that the game files are not compatible with the latest update and won’t be able to open the game. However, this is a false statement and you can still load the game.

- SoW Download Doesn’t Work:

Some players reported that they cannot download the game on the PC. Following solutions and tips may help you to fix this issue.

* First, make sure that you have the required hard disk space
* Restart your PC.
* Change the location under Steam so that the game is not stored in a location where there is not enough space.
* This maybe a server problem, so you just have to be wait.

- Direct X Errors

Some players have reported that they have encountered some Direct X errors such as Direct3D 10.0 API is not available or "Direct3D 11.1 is not available. This may fix with installing your operating system updates or installing Internet Explorer 11. Otherwise, check out the following guide:

Direct3D 10.0 API is not available: Go to the Earth: Shadow of War installation folder and open the CommonRedist folder. Then open the DerectX folder and start the installation.

Direct3D 11.1 is not available: Install the Windows Update KB2670838 and then open the Windows Update Center to perform all optional updates. You may also follow the Steam Community for the latest update on this issue

- Frame Rate Drops or Low FPS

If you encounter FPS problems, then you can fix them with the following guide

* As mentioned above, you need to download install the latest drivers for your graphic card.
* Disable all antivirus programs completely, so they don’t run in the background.
* Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and set the priority of ShadowofWar.exe.
* Deactivate the game Vsync and compare the resolution of your monitor with the settings of the game so that they are the same.

- Error 0×80070005

You may encounter the error 0×80070005 in Windows 10. This is an internal issue so you have to wait for an update. Alternatively, you can disable your firewall and update the shop.

- Enable Full Screen Mode

Sometimes it can happen that shadow of the war is not run in full-screen mode. In this case you have to enter your shadows of the war installation folder as an administrator. Now go to steamapp – common - Shadow of War- x64- ShadowofWar.exe and right click on the file. Now you only have to select that you want to run it as an administrator and the full screen mode should work.