Getting Started with Middle Earth Shadows of War

The mobile (Android and iOS) version of the Middle Earth Shadows of War has totally different gameplay from the console version, containing real time strategy, character development and campaign. This guide, we will focus on the main campaign.

We'll begin with the opening screen: Just press the Campaign and then, wherever you are - for example, Minas Morgul. Check the mission you are in and press the most recently open option. Then press battle.

Next, pick your characters that will join your team by playing the characters. Note that the power of your current team should match to the enemies of this mission. It is advisable to always have a value close to the other. Next, choose a support Orc and press Combat.

The battle is automatic, but you have to keep an eye on the characters' description. Beneath them is a special ability that becomes available when the edges of the photo begin to glow. To activate it, just press the photo, but be sure to always be close to your enemies.

Middle Earth, Shadows of War, Activate Special Ability, Game Map

In the game, you can also guide a character by pressing his 3D model and pointing with his finger on the screen. This is to prevent him from being killed.

Middle Earth, Shadows of War, Guide A Character, pointing His Finger

When you defeat a boss, you can choose whether to get rid of him / execute or recruit him into your team. It is always good to recruit them at the beginning of the game.

It is also recommended to get the maximum number of stars in each stage so that they unlock the following. Besides, each battle consumes energy, so in some moments, you will need to rest or wait to regain energy over time.

Recruiting Characters

In the Market menu option, you can recruit more characters for your team but you should have enough gems to spend. The option for this in Palantir screen and also gets you other benefits.

In Mordor Champions, you'll get characters or Glyphs that, when collected allow you to unlock more heroes and villains for your team.


Middle Earth, Shadows of War, Talion, Battle Scene

Talion is one of the two protagonists in the game. Press the hero's picture in the upper left corner of the screen, and check your skills whenever possible. Talion has a power ring that can be evolved and yield new powers over time. Create runes that can be used on the ring and increase power.

Runes can be obtained from completing stages. The stars next to the character show their current health / value. It's always good to be above five to make sure that your character won’t die for a while.

Additional Tips and Strategies for PS4 and Xbox Users

Combo Attacks in SoW (PS4 and Xbox One Commands / Controller Buttons / Keys)

There are three most important combo attacks in Middle earth: Shadow of War
- Execution: If you are a PS4 user then you can use Triangle + Circle or Xbox user can use Y+B to kill an Orc or impose a lot of damage to a high-level target.

- Wraith Flash: PS4 players can use square + cross and Xbox One players can use X + A to cause damage to the area by a shock wave. Later, you can also fake enemies.

- Domination: PS4 players can use Circle + Cross and Xbox One users can use B + A to directly convert an Orc and fight for you.

Basic Skills for Killing

If you don’t know which skills you want to unlock as quickly as possible, we recommend that you select all basic abilities. These will provide you with the complete range of Talion and Celebrimbor and also unlock Skill Challenges in Mordor. So you can get as many tasks as possible and become stronger quickly.

Combos and Abilities

Through successful combo attacks, you can fill your power bar, allowing you special abilities. Save power, so you can use strong skills directly against dangerous enemies.

Conquer Haedir Towers

In each new area you will find Haedir towers. You can use these towers to scan the area and find special places and objectives, so you can pursue your tasks and quests more specifically. This will help you collect as many EPs as possible and get better equipment.

In addition to the towers, you can use your spirits (Wraith Vision) to find commanders and collectibles.

Orc Leaders

In shadow of war, the Orc leaders have some new abilities. Your weapons can be covered with curses, causing much more damage. Furthermore, the game mechanics has changed so far that the captains notice your attacks. If you always attack the same pattern, the Orcs will be able to block your attacks. Therefore, the tip is to kill them quickly!