GT Sports: Get Easy Money, More Millage Points and XP

After almost four years of waiting, Gran Turismo Sport is finally out. Now, you can test your driving skills on a total of 17 tracks with 40 different layouts and you have over 150 cars and vehicles to choose from.

Like other games in the GT series, in GT Sports also you have to earn credits / money and millage points to buy or unlock new cars, spare parts or accessories. In this guide, we share you the best and easy way to make money, XP and more millage points in GT Sports. For this method, you don’t have to play the game yourself, but you can leave the console to run the game overnight.

- First, you need to deactivate the automatic turn off of your console. To do this you have to open the PS4 settings then under the Power Saving Settings - Set Time Until PS4 Turns Off - Select “Do Not Turn Off".

- Start the game and create a user race in Arcade mode.

- Then, pick an oval track, such as the Blue Moon Bay Speedway (the chosen time doesn’t matter).

- When selecting a car you decide for the lowest car class N100. The Mazda Roadster S (2015) is the ideal for this. Then select "Automatic (AG)" .

 GT Sports, Mazda Roadster S,

- Select "long distance" as the type of rent.

- With the time limit you can adjust what you want. If you want to buy the most expensive car in the game such as Lamborghini Veneno 2014 (3,640,000 credits), then you have to hire 15 hours to earn such a sum.

 GT Sports, Lamborghini Veneno 2014

- The number of cars in the race - minimum "2".

- Set the boost to "Off".

- The opponent category sets it to "Gr.1" and the opponent difficulty on "Professional".

- Now you can start the race. Here you have to use rubber band or tape to fix the buttons and analog sticks of your controller so that the cars will not go outside the track.

- Alternatively, you can just park in front of the finish line and wait for the time you have set, but you will not get the mileage points.

If you have set 15 hours, you can simply drive through the finish line after this period you will get 3.6 million credits plus large amount of experience without being driven by yourself.