Locations of Heart Pcs, Gnomes, Eggo, Tapes: Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a free to play video game based on the popular Sci-Fi series from Netflix. The game is developed by BonusXP, Inc. and is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

In the game, you must find various collectibles such as Heart Pieces, Garden Gnomes, Eggo Waffle and VHS Video Tapes. These items are hidden in the game world or require you to perform certain tasks to find, locate or unlock them. These collectibles bring you rewards / bonuses that vary depending on the item you've collected.

Heart Piece Locations and Rewards

During the cause of the game, you will find a total of 40 heart pcs that you should collect as you get an extra heart health for every fourth heart. At the beginning you start with 5 health and by collecting all the heart pieces you can extend this value to 15. This will help you to overcome difficult battles well.

All 40 Heart Pieces Locations and Requirements to Get Them

1 - The first Heart Piece you'll find at the Hawkins Laboratory when you go back to Nancy.

2 - To get the second one you have to smash five security cameras in the Hawkins lab. They are installed on walls and some of them can only be reached with Lucas' Slingshot.

3 - The third piece you'll find west of Hopper's house.

4 - Fourth one in the woods: You need Dustin to throw the pudding to lure the bear away.

5 - The fifth heart piece can be found in a small forest west of Castle Byers, which is located west of the house of Joyce.

6 - The sixth you'll get when Powell brings his handcuffs.

7 - The Seventh one is hidden in the cornfield.

8 - Eight piece you'll get if you bring Mr. Clarke the science textbook.

9 - Ninth you'll find above the librarian's house as you jump over the ramp.

10 - Tenth one is hidden in the bunker.

11 - Eleventh is hidden in the sewer.

12 - For the twelfth one you have to destroy all the balloons in the sewer.

13 - Thirteenth piece is in the forest Maze dungeon that you can only enter with Will.

14 - To get the fourteenth one you have to destroy all fire alarm systems at Hawkins Middle School.

15 - To get the fifteenth one you have to destroy all the bird houses in the forest Maze dungeon.

16 - To get the sixteenth heart piece you need to collect all five overdue books in the library and then open the box near the entrance.

17 - You'll get the seventeenth piece once you destroy all five aliens in jars in the bunker during Chapter 6.

18 - To get the eighteenth heart piece you need to give the robot toy to the employee in Bradley's store.

19 - Nineteenth one is hidden in the quarry.

20 - For the twentieth, you have to give Tommy his pocketknife.

21 - For the twenty first you need to give Tommy the father's bottle.

22 - For the twenty second, you have to give Carol the Hairspray.

23 – To get the twenty second piece you have to give Carol the lipstick.

24 - For the twenty fourth, you need to give the keys to Joyce.

25 - Twenty five, you need to give the phone to Joyce.

26 - Twenty sixth, you have to give the empty / blank cassette tape to Jonathan.

27 - Twenty seventh, give the game cartridge to the clerk at Bradley's store .

28 - Twenty eighth, give the milk box to Mrs. Wheeler.

29 - Twenty ninth, give the pumpkin to Mrs. Wheeler.

30 - For the thirtieth one you need to give Flo the romantic novel in the police station.

31 - For the thirty first piece you need to give Flo the rubber skeleton in the police station.

32 - Thirty second, give the police badge to Callahan in the police station.

33 - Thirty third, give the cash book / ledger to Melvald.

34 - Thirty fourth, Talk to Jennifer when you play Will.

35 - You can find thirty fourth piece over Hopper's house as you jump over the ramp.

36 - For the thirty sixth one you need to give the salt to salon worker.

37 - You'll find the thirty seventh heart piece in the small sewer near Jennifer's house.

38 - To get the thirty eighth piece you need to go to the south east of the garbage dump and follow the small path to a ramp. Jump over the ramp to an island. The heart piece is here in a green chest.

39 - You'll find the thirty ninth piece in a house near the flower shop.

40 - For the last and the fortieth piece you need to give the movie tickets to Steve.

All 12 Garden Gnomes Locations and Requirements to Get Them

In the game, you’ll find 12 Garden Gnomes with red caps hidden in Hawkins. They all have their own titles or names, with them you can easily identify which you already have and which not. Once you've found three, six, nine, and finally all the Garden Gnomes, you can open four boxes / chests in turn, located in Phil Larsen's house, to the west of high school.

Stranger Things, Garden Gnomes Locations, Find Garden Gnomes

In the chests, you will find upgrades and cosmetic extras for your characters. The following list shows you all the locations:

1 - David: You'll find the first Garden Gnome on the lake shore behind Hopper's caravan, just north-west of the school.

2 - (Second Garden Gnome) Bumble: You can find Will in the Forest Maze dungeon. Move from the north east to the southeast and look for an area you can reach over a pipe.

3 - Grumble: you can find the third one at the end of a path east of the Hawkins lab. Look for the path before the quarry and run it to Grumble.

4 - Tumble: You'll find the fourth one in the forest south of the school. The entrance to the forest is however on the south side. You need Nancy to unlock the blocked access.

5 - (Fifth Garden Gnome) Sam: Go north inside the middle school. Destroy the case in a room to discover the crack in the wall. Break the wall with Nancy to get to a secret room with Sam.

6 - Pipsy: You'll find the sixth Gnome in the pumpkin field at the west end of the city. Again, Will and Nancy need to reach this area.

7 - Tipsy: You'll find the seventh Gnome in the woods west of the sewer. Very close to where a bear is guarding a chest, you have to destroy a tree trunk with Nancy to get to it. Tipsy.

8 - (Eighth) Robil: Return to Hawkins's lab if you have your will in your group. Go to the north and then to the east. Look for the pipe in the north-east corner, and force Will with you to get to the room with Robil.

9 - (Ninth) Bobil: You can you find this in the sewers if you want to be part of it? Go through the pipe in the north-west corner of the first room and you get out again on the other side with the Garden Gnome.

10 - (Tenth) Wigglebum: Find it in the Hawkins library. Go to the room in the north-east with the gate to the upside down. Now go into the lower room with Wigglebum.

11 - Lord Twinklenose: Go to high school and follow the road west to a house with a blue roof and white fence. In the house you find the eleventh Garden Gnome.

12 - (Twelfth) Pop: Go to the quarry with Dustin at the party and follow the road to the south. You come to a cave entrance guarded by a bear. Move the bear away with Dustin's pudding and then fight through the cave to the exit. Pop is waiting right there on the clearing.

All 8 Eggo Waffle Locations and Rewards

In Stranger Things, you’ll find eight eggo waffles. Once you have collected all of them, you can go to the door to the north of the map and open it. Here you will find a box which you can now open. As a reward you’ll get Eleven as a playable character in the Stranger Things video game.

Stranger Things, Eggo Waffle Locations, Find Eggo Waffle

1 - (First) Defeat the boss at the end of Chapter 1 at the Hawkins lab.

2 - (Second) Defeat the Boss at the end of Chapter 2 in the Forest Maze dungeon.

3 - (Third) Defeat the conspicuous van at the end of Chapter 3.

4 - (Fourth) Defeat the boss at the end of Chapter 4 in the sewers.

5 - (Fifth) Defeat the boss at the end of Chapter 5 in the library.

6 - (Sixth) Hidden deep in the bunker of the Hawkins laboratory.

7 - Find the seventh Eggo Waffle in the fridge in the Wheeler's House.

8 - Find the seventh Eggo Waffle in Bradley's Big Guy. You need Nancy to break through a wall in the upper right corner of the store.

All 8 VHS Video Tape Locations and Rewards

If you don’t want to wait until the start of season 2, then you will be interested to find all the VHS video taps. Because once you've found all eight VHS video tapes, you can watch a video clip from Season 2 at the Hawkins cinema. It is played here in Cinema 1.

Stranger Things, VHS Tape Locations, Find Video Tapes

1 - After the boss fight in the Hawkins laboratory, you will find the first VHS tape in the space to the right of the boss.

2 - In the area northwest of the boss in the forest Maze dungeon. You need a key card for access. You can find second VHS tape about west of the boss area.

3 - (Third) If you want to be part of the middle school, go north from the entrance and then east to the east. Forcing you through the pipe.

4 - (Fourth) Go back to the sewers after your will has cleared. Go to the central room and then head north-east. Break the wall with Nancy and force you with Will through the following pipe to the VHS tape.

5 - Go back to the library after completing it. Go to the room in the north-west, where the three agents are patrolling. A space to the right is the fifth VHS tape.

6 - You will be automatically trapped in this game when you enter the bunker from the Hawkins lab. The sixth VHS tape is located right in the first room.

7 - (Seventh) Right next to the couch in Hopper's house.

8 - You'll find the eighth VHS tape in the game room in the north east of the map between the hunting store and the garbage bin. You'll find this tape inside the game room in the north-east, and you'll have to make a path through the players.