Mirian and Gold Farming Guide: Middle Earth Shadow of War

In-game currency has always played an important part in almost every video game, and Middle Earth Shadow of War is no exception. In SoW, there are two types of in-game currency one is called Mirian and other one is Gold and without them your progress in the game is going to be slower. For example: you need Mirian to upgrade your gear or your Orc army. On the other hand, with gold you can buy loot boxes that contain valuable items such as rare weapons, armor and XP boost. In this guide, we show you methods on how to farm Mirian and Gold quickly in SoW.

Kill Treasure Orcs: Occasionally Treasure Orcs show up with a small asterisk over their heads. If you kill these Orcs, you will mostly get gears but also Mirian. Often these are only 50 Mirian, sometimes an Orc can also drop 1,000 Mirian.

Complete Quests: Almost all quests will reward you with Mirian once you have successfully completed them. Look for the quests in the upper left corner of the screen. Often under your main mission you’ll find some additional quests that you should always complete. This will bring you rewards such as Mirian at the end of the quest. With a bit of luck, you'll even get gold here.

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Dismantle Unwanted Gear: Over time, you will be able to collect lot of weapons and armor (gear). As you progress through the game most of these gears will become useless except the legendary items. At the beginning, you get about 100 to 200 Mirian for selling unwanted gear. Items with a higher level (about 30-40) will bring you 500 Mirian.

Kill or Destroy Orcs: You can get Orcs for your army by purchasing War Chests on the market. Their level will unfortunately never increase, which is why you should always place them immediately in Mordor. When these Orcs die on the battlefield or you "destroy" them through the menu, they drop equipment whose rarity and level are equivalent to the orc's level. You can also destroy them if you want to farm Mirian.

Send Orks Into the Fight Pit: In each area in Mordor there are fight pits in which orcs compete against each other. The loser dies while the winner increases his level. There are different difficulty levels in the fight pit. If one of your Orcs as a true warrior and survive even the most difficult challenge in the pits, you get between 1,000 and 5,000 Mirian for a success.

Gemstones: Use these gems to upgrade your gear. You should use wealth gems (white color) if you want to farm Mirian and also increase XP.