Weapons Locations in The Evil Within 2 - Unlock Guide

In The Evil Within 2 (TEW 2), you have the possibility to upgrade your weapons just like the previous game in the series. The location and unlock condition of these weapons are varied in the game. Some players get them automatically and others have to complete specific tasks or play through the whole game once. In this guide, we will show you the locations of all weapons, their effects and unlock conditions.

One of the most important and primary weapons in the game is Warden Crossbow and that uses five different types of bolts / ammo. Warden Crossbow can be located south-west in the residential area of the military vehicle during chapters 3 and 4.

Evil Within 2, Warden Crossbow, Location Map, Guide

Warden Crossbow bolts /ammo locations and their effects are shown below:

Shock Bolt

With this type of ammo you can stun and damages enemies and shock nearby enemies. This bolt is very effective with enemies in the water.

Shock Bolt Location: You get this bolt together with Warden Crossbow

Harpoon Bolt

This bolt type is powerful and good for silent kills.

Harpoon Bolt Location: You’ll get this bolts together with the Warden Guard Crossbow, in the Union Power and Gas and spread over the map.

Evil Within 2, How To Use, Warden Crossbow, Commands

Smoke Bolt

This bolt is good to block the sight of enemies and particularly well suited during retreat.

Smoke Bolt Location: You’ll find some of these bolts in the Union Power and Gas in the residential area.

Explosive Bolt

This bolt makes explosive damage, distribute shrapnel in the radius of action, which cause great damage. Sebastian himself can be hit.

Explosive Bolt Location: You’ll find these in the residential area in the basement of the car repair shop (Union Auto Repair).

Freeze Bolt

This will Freeze or stop enemies temporally within range of effect.

Freeze Bolt Locations: You’ll find these in the Union Nature Preserve in the Safe house of Torres.

Below, we show you all other shotguns and melee weapons with their locations.

Semi Automatic Handgun / Pistol

This standard handgun can cause average damage and can be improved / upgraded.

Ammo: Handgun Bullets

Semi Automatic Handgun Location: You’ll get this pistol automatically in chapter 2.

Laser Sighted Handgun / Pistol

This handgun has a laser sight for zooming. Its short-range damage is lower than the normal pistol, but higher at longer distances.

The Evil Within 2, Laser Sighted Handgun, Location Map

Ammo: Handgun Bullets

 Evil Within 2, Laser Sighted Handgun, Guide

Laser Sighted Handgun Location: This is located in the parking lot north of the car repair shop, Union Auto Repair, in the residential area.

Silenced Handgun / Pistol

This riffle causes less damage than the normal handgun, but has a muffler that can be used to kill enemies silently.

Ammo: Handgun Bullets

Silenced Pistol Location: You have to complete the side mission Getting Back Online in the business district in chapter 7. Then you will find this weapon in the orange Mobius box in Syke’s Safe house.

Burst Handgun / Fire Pistol

This handgun causes slightly higher damage than the normal pistol, but fires only three bursts.

Ammo: Handgun Bullets

Burst Handgun Location: You’ll get this with the DLC The Last Chance Pack.


Revolver causes more damage than the normal pistol and has a higher fire rate, but is not so accurate.

Ammo: Handgun Bullets

Revolver Location: You have to complete the two Anima flashback events at 336 Cedar Avenue and the Juke Diner. After that complete the third event in the "The Marrow: Restricted Labs" area.


The Magnum causes the highest damage of all weapons with a shot.

Ammo: Magnum Ammo

Magnum Location: This weapon cannot be found normally. Instead, you must play the game once on any difficulty to unlock it.

Sawed-off Shotgun

The Sawed-off Shotgun causes high damage with wide spread at short range.

Ammo: Shotgun Ammo

Sawed-off Shotgun Location: If you are on the Casual Difficulty, you can find the shotgun beside a car on the way to "The Pit Stop". There are three other places where you can search this weapon. The Marrow: Armory, Tredwell Trucking, and The Marrow: Facilities.

Full-Barreled Shotgun

Full-Barreled Shotgun causes average damage with little spread and also at longer distances.

Ammo: Shotgun ammo

Full-Barreled Shotgun Location: This can be found in chapter 6-7 or 11-13 in the warehouse south of Post Plus in the business district.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

This fires two shots at once and has to be reloaded every time. That is why you should always keep moving to ensure distance to your opponents.

Ammo: Shotgun Ammo

Double-Barreled Shotgun Location: You can you find this shotgun in the area "The Marrow: Experimental Wing" after you have completed the side mission The Last Step for Julian Sykes.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle causes high damage to long distances.

The Evil Within 2, Sniper Rifle, Location Map, Guide

Ammo: Sniper Shooter

Evil Within 2, How to Get, Sniper Rifle Guide

How to get the Sniper Rifle / Location: You can get the Sniper rifle at three different points in the game. You can build the broken sniper rifle and the repair parts already in the residential area. You can also get it in John's Coffee roof in the business district in Chapter 11-13 and the destroyed city area in Chapter 15.

Assault Rifle

It is an automatic rifle, which causes high damage but consumes a lot of ammunition.

Ammo: Assault Rifle Ammo

Assault Rifle Location: You can get this in the Safe house of The Marrow: Facilities at the beginning of chapter 13.


This weapon causes fire damage on enemies, but slows down your movement and use a lot of fuel.

Evil Within 2, Flamethrower Location Map

Ammo: Fuel

 Evil Within 2; How To Get, Flamethrower Guide

Flamethrower Location: Take the broken flames after the Harbinger boss fight in Chapter 11. After that, you have to defeat two Harbinger enemies in the business district to get their fuel tanks. Now you can repair the flamer at the workbench.

Survival Knife

This is a melee weapon and causes little damage. It is your last means of defense, if you don’t have ammo.

Survival Knife Location: Get it automatically in chapter 2.

Brass Knuckles

This is also a melee weapon and causes extremely high damage and makes the use of knives or axes superfluous.

Brass Knuckles Location: You cannot get this weapon normally. Instead, you have to play the game once on the Nightmare difficulty or higher to unlock it.