Battle Points, Credits, Milestones tips Star Wars Battlefront 2

In Star Wars Battlefront 2, you need both currencies Battle Points and Credits to unlock vehicles, special characters and improve heroes.

Earn Battle Points

Due to the fast pace of a gameplay it is difficult to earn combat points with good strategy. However, you will be rewarded with almost any action in the battle with the currency - you just have to know what gives you the most combat points. So don’t just concentrate on killing enemies, but follow a bigger plan:

- Headshot Kill: If you manage to land the fatel hit on an opponent, you will earn far more combat points than if you only make one shot that will injure. Particularly effective are the headshots.

- Team Spirit: Help your squad members / ally and get some Battle Points. Not only do you support your squad, but you also get closer to reinforcements.

- Complete your missions: Complete the respective tasks in the mission and bring your squad closer to victory to get neat combat points, because that's what it's all about.

- Be a Survivalist: The longer you stay alive in one round, the higher your Multiplier will be for the points.

- Use Star Cards: Especially the Bounty Hunter star card rewards you with extra combat points. But other cards can also support your combat skills and passively score more points. You can get star cards either through loot boxes / crates, during gameplay, or you can make them yourself.

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- Focus on Killing AI Enemies: This will bring you around 600 per kill. In the Starfighter Attack and Galactic Attack modes, if you plan on attacking the TIE Fighters and shooting them down for a while, even though your main target is the other players. With each kill you collect around 600 battle points and the AI enemies spawn regularly.

Earn Credits

To get more credits in the SWBF 2, we recommend you the loot boxes, there are daily crates that you should always open. They contain credit and even give you crafting parts to make or improve the best star cards for your heroes.

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Also you should check out single player. With a playing time of 5 to 7 hours, you’ll be able to earn around 9,000 credits. In addition, you can open crates in the missions, which also give you 175 crafting parts. Especially, the single-player campaign helps beginners to familiarize themselves with the game. You will receive 5,000 credits through the campaign crates, which await you after completion of the single player under milestones. However, after completing some missions, you will receive another 500 credits each.

- Multiplayer mode: The PVP mode brings you fastest credit. With kills you get the most points. But also assists pay into your credit account. If you manage to maintain a particularly long kill series, you’ll get more credits increase at the end of the round. Also, don’t forget to complete the tasks the game gives you. If you defend a certain place and do so, there are additional points.

- Arcade mode: In this mode you fight against bots. Here you can easily and quickly farms credits. Every day there are about 200 credits per round. You can only play five games per day in arcade mode. After that it will be suspended for 14 hours. The good thing about this mode, though, is that you can play and test all your heroes once and then be prepared for multiplayer.

We also recommend the milestones. If you achieve these goals, you will get credits, crafting parts, weapon upgrades, and loot boxes. After unlocking them, don’t forget to pick them up in the menu.