Buy or Change Outfits in Super Mario Odyssey

In Super Mario Odyssey, you can change the standard dress of Mario for that you have 41 hats and 42 costumes to choose from. However, this type of change is initially cosmetic and won’t add any new skills to Mario. However, there are few outfits that you can unlock after completion of certain quest lines and almost all other outfits, hats and outfits you have to buy from the shop. Gradually, the range of the Crazy Cap Shop will be expanded. Take a look at the offer as soon as you visit a new shop.

How to buy Outfits in Super Mario Odyssey

To buy new costumes, you have to go to a shop. Usually, you’ll find a pile of hats with sign that says "Crazy Cap" in the yellow and purple colors. Enter the door to access the shop.

Inside the shop, you’ll find two different sellers yellow and purple and they sell different goods. The yellow accepts only payments in gold coins, which you can earn as you progress in the game. While the Purple accepts only the coins of its color - in addition to being limited, the purple coins can be collected in certain places of the levels.

Super Mario Odyssey, Yellow, Purple, Shop, Costumes

Tips: You can save some coins if you own Amiibo. There are ten special costumes, which you get easily thanks to the figures. If you don’ have any figures, you don’ have to worry because you can also get costumes if you invest a lot of time and coins.

Once you have 25 plus coins, you can visit one of these shops and buy new clothes. It’s better to buy purple ones as they are the ones that usually bring rewards. For example: in the water level, you need to be dressed as a diver to collect a secret moon.

Now, follow these steps to get the outfits

- First, choose your seller and speak when you press the "A" button

- Select the costume want to buy and choose the "Buy" option

Super Mario Odyssey, Change Outfits

How to Change Outfits

The outfits can be changed inside the store, in the available closet. Get close to the location and press the "A" button. Then choose the item you want.

If you're not in a shop or if you're away from one, you can also change into Odyssey, the ship that Mario uses to move between worlds. Enter the location, go to the closet and select with the "A" button.

Super Mario Odyssey, helmet, Change Outfits

Then just choose your two costume pieces - body and helmet - to confirm and carry out the exchange.

The dress change will be displayed shortly after exiting the closet screen.