Call of Duty WW2: Choosing Your Class - Division Guide

WW2, the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise brings five new classes Infantry, Airborne, Armored, Mountain and Expeditionary. WW2 has completely reworked the classes of the series and provided them with advantages and disadvantages. Not every division will suit every player, so choosing the right Division for you is a matter of determining what role you want to play on the battlefield.

The divisions in CoD WW2 are well balanced, so you can just go for what suits you best. In this guide, we share the benefits of the divisions and give our recommendations as to which style these classes best fit.


Call of Duty, CoD, WW2, Class, Division, Infantry

This division is best suited for those who new to the CoD franchise. But that does not mean that CoD veterans cannot do anything with the infantry. This class is just an all-rounder and if you like storming into battle and wants to provide your best weapons with many extras, then you are in good hands here.


Call of Duty, CoD, WW2, Class, Division, Airborne

If you like to run faster through the maps and want to dust pretty much every kill, then this division is recommended. Why? Because of their speed / extras! First, you can equip your Submachine Gun (SMG) with a muffler / suppressor, which makes you quieter when killing and then you can go faster from one place to another with each additional extra. A perfect class for a quick win.


Call of Duty, CoD, WW2, Class, Division, Armored

Maybe this class is not necessarily designed for Team Death match, but you should not underestimate them. In the modes in which you have to fulfill certain goals, it can count among the best. With their extras, you're protected from fire damage, explosive / shell shocks and tactical equipment. You can also use their Bipod skill that turn your LMG into a fixed turret - and you know, TDM can be hot too.


Call of Duty, CoD, WW2, Class, Division, Mountain

Sniper friends beware! This division is insane. The extras almost hide you from all the dangers that might worry you. No recon planes will detect you, as long as you move, and no player-controlled series will spot you. In addition, your movements will be quiet. If you play this class with an MG or a shotgun, you will be deadly.


Call of Duty, CoD, WW2, Class, Division, Expeditionary

If you like to get into close combat and strengthen yourself with variety of close combat weapons, this division is just right for you. However, if you are not only masters in handling weapons, but also use the tactical and lethal equipment in an exemplary way, then you will be really happy with this class.