Call of Duty WW2: Find Valves Activate Pilot Light / Power

If you want to survive in CoD WW2's Nazi Zombies mode on The Final Reich map, then you need electricity - you have to locate and activate all generators in the early stage of the game.

Find and Activate All Three Valves

When you are entering the village square you’ll notice three cables. You have to follow these cables as they lead you to three different valves that you need to activate if you want to switch on the Pilot Light and Generators. If you play alone, then it’s better to use your camouflage ability. As this makes you invisible for a few seconds and you have enough time to activate the three valves.

CoD, WW2, Find Valves, Three Cables

- The first valve is located directly on the right side of the generator. In front of it is the machine where you can buy armor.

CoD, WW2, Activate Valves

- Next valve can be found to the left of the bunker entrance and the closed tunnel next to it.

- For the third valve you have to open the riverside gate for 1000 Jolts. This is also located west of the bunker entrance. Follow the snowy path and turn left into the narrow lane. Here you can see the cable that leads you to the valve on the right.

Switch on Pilot Light and Generators

After you've activated all three valves, all the lights on the generator in the village are green. Now, you can switch on the pilot light on the left side, which clears the way to the generator. But beware: some nasty zombies will appear and attack you - as a precaution, reload all your weapons.

CoD WW2 Activate Pilot Light Power

If you want to switch on the generators and the power, then all you have to do is to enter the hole. Walk left past the blitz / perk machine and follow the path until you find another generator on the left. Here you can activate the power.

CoD, WW2, Activate Generator

Behind you, a door opens and you are back in the village square. Now you can explore all the secrets and new areas of The Final Reich map. The bunker is now accessible.