CoD WW2 Summon Panzermorder, Trigger Final Boss Fight

The Panzermorder is the final boss that you’ll encounter at the end of The Final Reich zombie mode in Call of Duty: WW2. If you kill this boss, the zombie mode with the story is over. First, you must summon the Panzermorder. To trigger the final boss fight you have to work through a long list of actions.

- First, you have to find the generators and turn on the power: for this you need to search for three valves. Just follow the three cables coming out of the generators. They show you the way.

- Now activate the Pilot Light in the middle of the village square and go through the lighted entrance and activate the generator.

- Go to the bunker and open the doors to the Morgue and the Lab. Here, you need 1,500 points for each. Now, you have to activate two control panels under 30 seconds. This will open the Salt Mines door. The entrance is located in the command room.

- Go through the mine until you come to the Emperor's Chamber. Go straight through the room and activate the machine. Now you have to do the zombies.

CoD WW2, Summon Panzermorder
- Now go back to the command room and open the canopy. Press the red button to move the Transfer Unit to the labs to find a part for the Tesla Gun. The device returns automatically to the command room. Go back and take it to the morgue, where the last part of the weapon is waiting to pick (watch out for zombies).

- Return to the command room and put both parts into the forge.

- Then go back to the Emperor's Chamber and find the left hand of God. This is the machine to the left of the statue. You now have to run to four boxes and enter the colors that will be shown to you. Note: each time you play this, the order of the colors change.

- Go to the tower now and defend the lightning rod.

- Return to the Emperor's Chamber and activate the right hand of God. Now a zeppelin appears outside.

- Go outside and shoot at the four orange lights on the zeppelin. As soon as you turn one off, the zeppelin drops a battery. Collect it immediately before it retrieves the battery again. In this case you have to shoot again at a light at the ship.

- To charge the battery, kill zombies near the object. If it is charged, you must carry it into the Emperor’s Chamber and attach it to God's left hand. For this we recommend you to equip the special ability camouflage. On the way down you are often hit by zombies and cannot fight back. Otherwise, the other team members have to help you and protect you.

- You have to repeat the previous two steps twice more. It can happen that you have to end a wave first before the zeppelin returns.

- Between the two hands of God you’ll find another machine calls the Voice of God. Look closely to find the four different raven symbols, which you now have to look for in nearby paintings. We recommend you the notepad. Open it to see the quest items outlined in white.

CoD WW2, Voice of God,  Painting

- Note that you need a Brenner head to see all the numbers and symbols. If you killed some before, just walk to the site to collect the heads.

- From now on you also have to closely coordinate with your team. The ravens all look in a different direction. Find the paintings and tell the others what number is next to the raven on the painting. One should always stand near the machine and enter the numbers.

- Then, the voice of God opens up and you have to place yourself on the bright raven symbols on the floor. Defend the zombies and then shoot at the same time on the mechanism.

Now the hard part of the zombie mode begins and the Panzermorder emerges. With the way presented here you kill the Panzermorder and unfortunately also Klaus. There is still a dark path where you can save Klaus. For this you need all four variants of the Tesla Gun and you have to find a sword.

Defeat the Final Boss - Panzermorder

First, you have to stun the final boss. This is best done by shooting the zeppelin over the batteries again. You already know this step. So shoot at the orange lights on the Zeppelin, collect the batteries and stun the boss.

Cover him up with enough damage. He is then stunned and you can attach the battery to him. Go up close to him and press the displayed button. The whole thing you have to repeat three times until the Panzermorder is defeated.

- Note that the batteries must be charged first. For that you have to kill the zombies in the red zone. So gather everyone in the zone and do the waves.

- Strong zombies have certain weaknesses. Your crosshair changes when you hit weak points.

- To pick up the batteries you need the Tesla Gun. So pick a player who only cares and cannot shoot. Protect him. He must stand in the background.

To survive in zombie mode, you need good weapons. We recommend the automatic rifle - BAR. Fire rate and reload speed are fast and the damage is solid. The Type 100 has one of the fastest shot rates and mows smaller zombies in seconds, and the MG 42 comes with good damage and a high shot rate - the reload takes time but the damage is enormous.