Easy Rep / Fast Money Farm Methods: Need for Speed Payback

If you want to buy the most expensive cars and build your reputation in Payback, the latest installment in the popular car racing video game franchise - Need for Speed, then you’ll need to have a lot of money and REP points. In this guide, we show you some easy and fast ways to farm REP and Money in NfS Payback.

To make extra money and REP in NfS Payback, you should first complete the story and all the other events in the game. In this way you can easily earn some money and REP and build your reputation level somewhere between 20 and 25. Then you have to spend those earnings from time to time for cars and tuning to meet the event requirements. There are some proper ways with which you can earn extra money and REP.

- Get all billboards and poker chips in Fortune Valley. These collectables will bring you some money, around $ 100K to $ 150K, and REP points.

- Drifting and Jumping. These actions will bring you some good REP points. Especially, with off road cars you can do these actions and the desert area in the middle of the map is more suitable for drifting and jumping. For a long jump you get between 30,000 and 50,000 REP. Note: You’ll be able to unlock or buy these fastest cars for extra long jumps from the dealers only after completion of the story.

- You can also double your earning with the Side Bets at events. They usually bring easy money. If you see during a race that you cannot make a side bet, just start the event again and go for the bet, so as not to lose the bet.

NfS Payback,Side Bet Event, Screen Image

- If you already have enough Part Tokens, then you can exchange them with the speed cards for extra cash.

Below we’ll show you two best methods to farm lots of REP and money:

This is one of the quickest ways to farm lots of REP (60K per minute)

For the first method you should have unlocked the Drift Trial - Drifting the Block. This you can do at the beginning of the game by completing the first drift trial. The drift trial located in the northwest of the city in Fortune Valley. You can finish the event including loading times within 3 minutes and you’ll be able to earn about 118K REP and $ 17K (in case of successful side bet and sale of the speed card).

After the event you will always return to the start and you can play it again. With a bit of routine, you earn 60K REP per minute and $ 8.5K per minute.

One of the fastest ways to earn lots of money (10K per minute)

For the second method you have to repeat the race event "Hyperspace Circuit", which you can unlock during the 5th chapter event. With a fast car, including load times, you can finish this event within three minutes and earn around $ 144K REP and $ 31K (with a successful side bet and sale of the speed card).

Again, after completion of the event you’ll be returned to the starting line and you can start the event again without further ado. Per minute you’ll earn about 48K REP and about $ 10K.