Get the Good Ending in Hidden Agenda - Case Closed

Hidden Agenda is a crime detective thriller video game from Supermassive Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment. In the game, if you want to get the good ending and unlock the trophy Case Closed then you have to capture the serial killer / trapper at the end of the game.

You can play the thriller with up to six players and you can unlock the good and best ending only if you find enough evidence to identify the real serial killer. Besides, you have to keep certain characters alive and build trust in certain characters.

To get the good ending and capture the trapper, you need to meet the following conditions:

- Protect Daniella Cárdenas (prologue).

- Win Jonathan Finn’s trust so that he reveals that Daniella was privy to the hostage situation. Then Daniella will reveal that the trapper is a police doctor.

- Next you have to find the hidden camera in the hut.

- Then you have to get into the Simon’s house.

- In the basement of Simon's house, you have to collect all evidence to confirm the identity of the trapper.

Hidden Agenda, Jonathan Finn, Arrested Scene

If you meet these conditions, the trapper's identity will be revealed at the end. Just make sure you search the areas in the game well and get on well with the other characters in the game.