NfS Payback: Gambler Chips and Billboards Locations

Gambler chips and billboards are some of the collectibles in Need For Speed Payback. There are 100 gambler chips and 30 billboards to be found in the in the Fortune Valley game world.

Actually, it is not that difficult to find them on the map as the billboards will be shown on the map as soon as you are near to them. The chips will also be displayed if you are really close to them.

Your collectibles will be shown in the Journal under the Collectibles tab. Here you can see how many you already have collected and how many are missing. All collected ones are marked on the map with a green tick. Once you have collected all gambler chips and billboards, you'll also get the achievements and trophies All In and Does Not Obey.

Through the billboards you always have to drive your car or rather jump. Some of the chips can also be reached only via jumps, but they are also often found easily on roads, in barns, settlements or simply scattered in the wilderness. Incidentally, you will also often find gambler chips near the derelict cars.

On the following map you can see Fortune Valley with all the chips and billboards listed.

Fortune Valley can be divided into different areas via the color coded areas. Below video shows you the exact locations of the chips and billboards in detail.