Star Wars Battlefront 2 Rank System / Level Up Fast tips

The ranking system in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a little bit confusing. In the game, the higher your card rank is, the more star cards you can equip and the more you win in missions, again you can climb up in class rank.

Your general rank is shown in the main menu. You can improve it by earning XP in multiplayer missions. These are provided by supports, hits and kills. The accumulated combat points correspond to the experience points you receive after a match. On the screen you see how many points you still miss to the next level. Also, your rank decides when and how you can upgrade star cards.

Class and star card rank

Unlike the general rank, the so called star level is divided into the respective Trooper classes, vehicles, special characters and heroes. Class rank is determined by the star cards you have in your deck. The method to level this rank seems a bit confusing. In order to equip more cards, you must have a higher card level. To increase this, you have to unlock star cards in the corresponding category. You can get these either through crates or by crafting them through crafting parts.

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Due to the rarity ranks of the cards, your card level is put together, in other words: For each unlocked card, the score of the card moves to your star card rank. For this, the card doesn’t have to be equipped! All existing cards are added together and then give their very special card rank in the respective class, with the vehicles or the heroes.

Level up quickly on and off the battlefield

While you can only influence your card level with the use of the cards, it is best to go hunting for crafting parts. You will earn these through certain milestones. But you also get them through crates, which you can buy again if you have enough credits. We recommend that you complete the campaign early, as you will be rewarded with a lot of crafting parts through collectibles and credits.

If you already have some duplicates with the cards, then it makes sense to exchange them for credits and get hold of loot boxes. Concentrate on the cheapest crates, as there are often duplicates, crafting parts and some credits, so the price is the most economical for you.