The Frozen Wilds Defeat Machines Scorcher Claw Tower Daemonic

The new DLC for the Horizon Zero Dawn, The Frozen Wilds, is out now, brings five new machines Scorcher, Frostclaw, Fireclaw, Control Tower and Daemonic. Though you can easily defeat the familiar opponent like Fire Bellowback, you should equip yourself well with some good weapons to defeat the following new machines.


If you meet a scorer, you should prepare yourself against fire attacks. These opponents are like robotic wolves and will use both melee and ranged attacks. So be on the alert and always ready to dodge. Especially the integrated Mine Launcher will bother you. But once you manage to damage a part of his armor, you will get well at the power generator. Here you can use fire arrows. If you manage to snatch the Mine Launcher, then you can use it against the Scorcher. Best weapons to use against Scorcher are Fire Arrows, Mine Launcher and Tear blaster.

The Frozen Wilds, Horizon Zero Dawn, Defeat Machine, Scorcher


Since Frostclaw can be quite fast regardless of the immense size, you should always give Aloy an alternative. In addition, due to their high health, you should prepare for a long fight. Focus especially on the ice pack. Fortunately for you, the Frostclaw likes to stand on his hind legs in an attack, so you get a chance to hit his chest. In general: set a stealth heavy attack, then pull back briefly.

The Frozen Wilds, Horizon Zero Dawn, Defeat Machine, Frostclaw


Similar to the Frostclaw, his red relative acts only with fire, which he uses against you through molten liquids. Get on this machine, like a little boss fight, because upgrading the Frostclaw will cost you a lot of time and resources. Once you freeze him, use your strongest weapon, and be quick. Otherwise, the fight is similar to the frosty counterpart.

The Frozen Wilds, Horizon Zero Dawn, Defeat Machine, Fireclaw

Disable / Override Control Tower

These towers can repair enemy machines and give them shock / pulse resistance - they can also stun your friendly machines! So if there is a control tower in your area, you should disable it as soon as possible. You can try this in two ways. Either you approach it, bypassing the tower, which causes it to launch a final pulse / shockwave that momentarily stuns the surrounding enemies. However, since it is not so easy to approach the control tower, you can also focus on and destroy the weak spot on the underside from afar.

The Frozen Wilds, Horizon Zero Dawn, Override, Tower


If you encounter one of these machines, be careful. As they are far more aggressive and have more lives. But they are similar in structure to their normal or corrupt species, so you will not get very far with shock, but you will be able to overcome their usual weak points. Best to use Tear blast and notched arrows.