Defeat Argos: Destiny 2 Eater Of Worlds Raid Lair Boss

Eater of Worlds, the first raid lair in Destiny 2 is live now. This instance is only active with the Curse of Osiris DLC. We recommend a team of 6 players with a power level of 300.

Escape The Reactor Encounter - Phase 1

The Raid Lair starts when a large door opens. You have to walk down the hall and then through the pipes. Jump through the rotating gears and continue on the path. Shortly afterwards, your first encounter awaits, in the room with a violet atmosphere.

The area is filled with water, this will kill you when you go into it. You see a platform in front of you, as soon as you jump on it another will appear. But you have to be careful, stand two or more players on a platform, break them down and you die. The solution: you can number yourself, so your team. Give your players the numbers 1 to 6, number 1 jumps to the second platform, player 2 follows the first. If the third player dives, Player 1 jumps on it, Player 2 jumps onto the second platform and Number 3 jumps to the first. So you should easily overcome this obstacle, just keep in mind, there can only be ONE on the platform!

Then you come to a fixed platform with some opponents, this is your checkpoint. You continue with platforms and then jump in. If you get this, you'll get onto a big platform and defeat Cabal Loyalist / Solders.

Then you need to go through the reactor room, in the area there are rhythmically lethal impulses. Use the barriers to protect you.

Then you come to a tunnel which takes you to the mouth of the leviathan, then you make your way down. You have the option of an extra box, crossing all 6 rings when you fall through the mouth of Leviathan.

Break The Barrier Encounter

In order to reach to the final boss, you must first break through the barrier. Please note the following:

- In the middle of the room, there is a thick cube, where mines will appear.

- There are three corners, in each of the corners you will find a platform. These are fire pits marked ( Arc , Solar or Void ).

- Furthermore, there are six Vex Craniums in the room.

As soon as you pick up your first skull, Argos will make the Quantum Mines sharp, which means that the cube will be the center of mines, blue (Arc), purple (void) or red (solar).

In order to destroy them you have to throw the Vex Craniums into the flames in the corners, the process Energized Craniums will take time. When the process is over, you will receive a weapon to destroy the mines. Sounds easy, but it is not, depending on which corner you choose a different weapon will be provided to you.

If you have to destroy a solar mine, you have to hit a Cranium into the flaming altars, wait a moment and then take the Solar Cranium / laser weapon and destroy the crystal.

Solution: Make three teams of two players each, one to take care of their add-ons and the other to fix the Vex Cranium charge procedure.

Defeat Argos, Destiny 2, Energized Craniums, Eater Of Worlds Raid Lair

Argos - How to Defeat the End Boss

Again, if you take a Vex skull the fight will begin. You need the same "Energized Craniums" tactic as before.

Argos is in the center of the room, you can only do damage to him when his shield is down. You see three circles on the shield, depending on which side is active the respective circle lights up.

Where the circle lights 3 spheres appear, these must come in the circle that drives down the shield. When the shield is down, shoot his weak spot, the red eye.

Argos will attack you with triangular nets and send you hovering Vex enemies. If a player is hit off the net, his teammates must free him, the hovering Vex enemies will explode when they reach a player, so you should kill them before the reach.

Defeat Argos, Destiny 2, Eater Of Worlds Raid Lair, Boss Fight

If the first damage phase is over, the same game starts again, but Argos wants to destroy your team completely!

You must destroy at least 2 of its vulnerabilities as soon as possible, otherwise your group will die. There are 6 weak points in total, split into 2 groups and each group goes to vulnerability.

The weak points are two on the head, two on the back and two on the arms. It is recommended to dedicate first to the weakest ones as these are the most serious weak points.