Destiny 2 VEX, Weapon Forge, Radiolarian and Paradox Guide

With the latest DLC, Curse of Osiris, the Weapon Forge has been introduced to Destiny 2. You can forge your own VEX weapons through the Weapon Forge. In this guide, we'll give you tips on how to get the materials you need.

The Weapon Forge

The Weapons Forge can be found in the lighthouse on Mercury. There you will also see a large circle of glyphs symbolizing all 1 weapons you can forge. To forge a VEX weapon you have to do several steps:

- First, you have to complete the DLC, the main story "Curse of Osiris".

- Then go to Brother Vance, who offers you various Lost Prophecies.

- There are 11 prophecies in total, each of which corresponds to a Vex weapon.

- The prophecies consist of several verses, they must be decrypted. You have to collect different items for it.

Farm Radiolarian & Paradox Amplifier

Destiny 2, Weapon Forge Guide, VEX, Radiolarian, Paradox;

For example: there is a Submachine Gun, which requires 2 Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and Advanced Paradox Amplifier.

- You only get Concentrated Radiolarian Culture through public events.

- Advanced Paradox Amplifier is a rare item. You will get Advanced Paradox Amplifier via strikes, crucible matches and heroic adventures.

You need 10 Radiolarian cultures and then turn them into a Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. Likewise the Paradox amplifiers, you need 10 pieces to make them an advanced Paradox amplifier. Cultures are much harder to farm than amplifiers, as it turns out to be a trick to speed it up a bit.