Earn Money, Easy Ways to Farm Gold: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Like any other role playing game, money plays an important role in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (XC 2). However, earning money is not that hard in the game as there are lots of unwanted or extra items in your inventory that you can sell and get quick cash.

Develop Areas and Farm Gold

Increase the development level of the area is important because with each new level (there are a maximum of 5 levels) you unlock new side quests and mercenary missions. In addition, the range of dealers will be cheaper for you, which brings you more gold.

You can develop an area by completing side quests, talking to people and trading items. The best way to develop an area is the salvage diving, because that will bring you a decent amount of money.

Earn Extra Money with Salvage Driving

Salvage diving can easily be forgotten. As you get a little closer, you realize importance of SD. When recovering from salvage, you have to sell land as set at the local exchange center.

- For this method you have to get to the Mor Ardain in Chapter 4. In the Alba Cavanich city, you can buy the piece at the salvage gold cylinder shop for 10,000 gold. That sounds like a lot, but buy 10 of them.

- Next go to the Gold mouth - Argentum AG. For the Warrior's set, you need Sunken Ship and Warrior's Diadem. Go to the Salvage Deck salvage site east of the Trade Center and use five of your Gold Cylinders. The Quick Time event (A, A, A) is very simple, so you will always get at least one valuable box. At this salvage point, you have high chances to get Warrior's Diadem.

- Then you go to the Maelstrom - salvage point. That is located in the north of the exchange center. This quick time event (A, B, X) is a bit more difficult, but the likelihood is very high of finding sunken ship. Use the remaining five gold cylinders at this recovery point.

- Sell your treasures to Melolo at the central exchange. You will be able to sell the Warrior's set for about 24200 gold five times each. The costs for the gold cylinders are thus balanced - plus a profit of over 20,000 gold. In addition, you have certainly been able to collect enough items for other sets. Not to mention that the salvaged treasure chests also bring you a lot of gold.

In this way you can make lot of gold quickly but unfortunately you cannot buy blades with gold.

This will make the gold cylinders much cheaper. If you reach level 5 - which is relatively fast, if you buy many cylinders - you have to pay only 5,000 gold for a gold cylinder instead of 10,000 gold. So your profit margin will grow more and more over time!

In Gold mouth, salvage diving is not only so effective but also you can put together expensive sets in each area and develop the areas quickly.