Get Golden Revolver, Unlock RDR 2 Gun in GTA 5 Online

The video game developer Rockstar recently released a new DLC “The Doomsday Heist” for GTA 5 Online. The new update features a hidden / secret mission called Treasure Hunt that contains some reference, including Golden Revolver and money, to the upcoming game Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2).

At the begging, you will be given a clue for the first location. As a help, you will see a mark on the map. If you have found the target, then there is a clue and the actual scavenger hunt starts with three more tasks. Your map will show you three more locations with clues. If you have found all, then the location of the treasure / the golden revolver will be displayed. With the new weapon you now have to make 50 headshots. This includes headshots of civilians and other players. If have completed this task. Then you’ll be able to unlock an exclusive version of the revolver in RDR 2 and receive 250K GTA $ and the reward is there when the game is released.

Below we’ll give you some useful tips and details about the locations.

Pay Attention to Sounds and Noises

As you go to target areas to search you’ll need to pay attention to the sounds of the game. You’ll hear a beep sound as you get near to a target and that will get even louder as you get closer to it.

Find Clues and the Treasure Hunt Guide

After you get the email, it's time to head to Sandy Shores. There you will find a bridge near which a circle is shown on the map. (Tip: apparently the first clue for many players is different and not always a boat.)

If you have railroad tracks as a first clue, then you will find the first hint at this point.

Golden Revolver, GTA 5 Online, Location Map, Sandy Shores

At the end of the jetty, you will find a boat and the back of the boat you will find a note. This is the start of the scavenger hunt.

Golden Revolver, GTA 5 Online, Treasure Note

Now, there are three marks on your map. Tip: The game gives you audible clues

Target - 1

The first target is in close proximity to the jetty. Travel to the question mark on the map. There you will find a broken wooden hut and a shovel lies on the ground. That's the target you're looking for.

Target -2

You can also find the 2nd target in Sandy Shores. Go to the northern question mark and look for a single tree right there on the road. In front of the tree there is a small chest on the ground. That's the second target.

Target -3

The third target is a bit hidden. Go to the question mark in the mountains and look for a cave there. The last target is hidden in the cave.

The location of the Golden Gun is now displayed and is located at the airfield in Sandy Shores. Go there and collect the gun.

Golden Revolver Chest, GTA 5 Online

Then you have to make 50 headshots with the gun. After 10 kills, you will receive a pop-up message in the game informing you the remaining headshots. This includes other players or even passers-by and policemen.

After completing this task, you’ll earn 250,000 GTA$ as reward. You will also get an exclusive weapon in RDR 2 with the game.