Get Poppi's All 3 Forms, Upgrades: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Poppiswap and farm Ether Crystals quickly. You’ll also find some useful tips on how to complete the arcade mini game Tiger! Tiger!, unlock Poppi QT and Poppi QTπ and upgrade the Torah’s artificial blade Poppi.

Poppi's first form will unlock automatically as you progress through the game. But before that you'll need to complete the mini game Tiger! Tiger! in Tora's house and get the Ether Crystals. The game looks easy, but tricky. The rules are as follows:

- Dive into the sea with the little character Nopon.

- Collect as many coins as you can get - these are Ether Crystals.

- If you touch an opponent, you lose air / oxygen and if you don’t have any more air to breath then the game is over.

- There are power-ups that allow you diagonal attacks .

- You can also collect chests that provide you with additional crystals and upgrades.

- If you have reached the bottom of the sea, the game is not over. Instead, you have to collect the big chest and now come back to the surface.

- You also need to escape from your enemies and shoot them down.

In Torah's house, hints for the mini-game are hidden everywhere but you are not allowed to touch any of them, not even the rigid stone blocks that are in your path. We have summarized for you how you should proceed against them:

Algae - Can not be shot, but don’t harm you.
Angerfish - Can be shot from both above and below with a shot.
Shrimp - Can be shot from both above and below with a shot.
Green shark - Can be shot from both above and below with a shot.
Lobster - Can only be shot from below.
Piranha - Can only be shot from above.
Jellyfish - Can only be shot from above.
Red shark - Can be shot down both from the top and from the bottom, but you have to hit twice.
Turtle - Can only be shot from below.
Sea urchin - Can not be shot, but you are dead immediately if you touch them.

It is also important to collect the chests as they may also contain Ether Crystals. Then these can be upgraded in the Poppiswap menu. It will also show you how many crystals a mod for Poppi costs and how many ether crystals are on your account. You can access the menu in each upgrade level of Poppi and thus continue to upgrade it.

Poppi 3rd Form, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Poppi QTπ

Poppi QTπ - The Third / Final Form

To achieve Poppi's final form, you must complete a side quest with Torah. In order to unlock Powered-Up Poppi quest, you must have been at least in Chapter 8.

The quest is quite a complex collecting mission and in the end you have to fight against a level 50 monster, so all you need is just a little patience. In the next cut scene, Tora then makes the upgrade for Poppi, so after a short sequence Poppi QTπ is ahead of you.

Poppi QTπ is less tank than her previous forms, but her attacks are now powerful. If you want to continue to use her as a tank, you should equip her with the necessary mods, so that she also serves faithfully in her adult form.