Warframe: Find the Right Relics to Get Mirage Prime for Free

Mirage Prime, the Warframe's latest Prime Access is available now. In this guide, we’ll show you which relics you need to get Mirage Prime for free, and also give you tips on good places, spots or locations to farm Relics.

You can buy each Warframe from the market and it is also possible to build the different frames for free. For this, you have to get the individual Warframe components and assemble them in the Orbiter. The components you’ll get from missions, in the market for credits or from other players.

Each Warframe must be assembled from: Blueprint, Neuroptik, Chassis, Systems and Orokin cell.

The components for the special prime frames are in Void relics and to get to Mirage Prime, you have to do something different than with normal Warframes.

The relics work like little treasure chests from which you can get the special Prime components and Forma blueprints. If you wish to open such a relic, then you must participate in void rift missions. The star chart indicates Void Rift missions and what relics you can take.

There are different relics that also bring different rewards. In a Void Rift mission, each player in the group can equip a relic to crack it. In the last part of the mission, you may pick an item from the opened relic. You may also take an item from the relic of another player. The more players in the group have a Relic and open, the greater the chance of reward for each one.

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There are several items in the relics and you have no guarantee that the component of the needed prime frame will be there. So it may be that you have to crack a certain relic multiple times to get all the components for Mirage Prime.

Required Void Relics for Mirage Prime

In the following relics you can find the necessary components to build the Mirage Prime:

- Lith S7 - Mirage Prime Chassis (common)
- Meso H1 - Mirage Prime Neuroptics (common)
- Neo M1 - Mirage Prime Blueprint (rare)
- Neo V6 - Mirage Prime Systems (common)

To get adequate void relics for Mirage Prime, you probably need to farm a few rounds. The relics for Mirage Prime are easy to get.

The following missions are best for farming the relics for Mirage Prime:

- Lith: For Lith relics, the Everest Mission on Earth is the best choice - the mission type is Excavation. Here, various artifacts are buried in the planet and must be dug up by the players with large drills. Among the artifacts are the relic Lith S7. It is recommended to do excavations with a group of 4 players. If the coordination is right, you can even run several drills.

- Meso: For Meso relics, you should go for the mission Io on Jupiter. During a defense, you must protect an energy core from enemies. Overall, you must defeat 5 opponents to complete the mission. Either you leave the mission afterwards or fight against another 5 opponents, but this time with more difficult opponents. You can repeat that several times. The first two rounds of the Io mission have a high chance of rewarding Meso relics. So it's best to stop after the second round and start the mission again. Defenses are Warframes that cause large area damage over a wide area. Ember would be a good choice.

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- Neo: For neo relics, Mission Hydro offers on Sedna. This is also a Defense Mission and Warframes with high Area of Effect damage are useful.

Repeat these missions until you get all the void relics for Mirage Prime. In which Void Rift missions you can then crack the relics, you can see on your star map. It is also possible to buy Mirage Prime for real money.