Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Beginner's Guide - Tips

Like its predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (XC 2) can overwhelm the beginners as you are regularly bombarded with tutorials. This can be tiresome and as a result, you may not understand all the important elements of the combat system. Especially, since there is no database in which you could read all the tutorials again. Therefore, our beginner’s guide will help you to get started and progress in the game quickly.

The XC 2 game world is huge so to see the map you have to press the left analogue stick. This will help you to find out if the goal is at a higher or lower level. In addition, we can give you the following tips:

- During your journey you will regularly find collection points for different items. Even if it seems unnecessary at some point, you should always take everything with you. Sometimes you need such items for side quests and of course you can make money.

- You have to look for trading / exchange centers in towns and try to sell the found collectible items as sets - each trading center offers different sets. They bring you more money than if you sold the individually items. In addition, you will receive valuable objects as a bonus.

- In addition to collection points, there are many points in the game world where you have to use special skills. The unlock conditions are displayed to you: these include obstacles that you must destroy. With the special talents you can then reach new places and find valuable items.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Beginner's Guide Tips

- For such a large game world, the in-game map is surprisingly simple. So you don’t want to run into a dead end, just press the left stick to open another map to find out exactly where you are and where you need to go.

- Complete many side quests in towns, talk to all residents and buy lots of items in stores. As a result, you not only gain experience points but also increase development level of an area. As the development progresses, new items are offered in stores.

- Give yourself some rest. To get your bonus XP credited, you need to stay at an inn. Don’t forget that! If you complete a lot of activities, there are numerous level ascents waiting for you here.

Tips on the Blades (Core Crystals)

The blades are one of the most important components in the game. Blades have special talents to help you explore, and of course you need your companions in combat. There are common, rare and legendary blades that differ in role, weapon and element.

- Every character of your group has a role. For example: Rex is an attacker and therefore, should only go with blades in the fight, which are also assigned to the role of "attack" .

- Each character can lead up to three blades in the later stages. You should not only consider the role in the selection, but also the element and the weapon. Elements are important for blade combos, which we will discuss later.

- Each weapon has its own techniques that you can upgrade with skill points. You will receive them for completing missions and defeating enemies. The more you fight with a weapon, the sooner you can upgrade the techniques. If you use many different weapons, it will take forever. Therefore focus on two to three weapons per character.

- It would be even better if you assign each character three fixed blades (at least at the beginning). The more you fight with a blade, the stronger the bond between character and blade becomes. After all, harmony determines the fighting power of the duo.

- You can create new blades with core crystals. Core crystals are obtained on a regular basis, but common core crystals only give you common blades.

- Only with rare core crystals you get the chance to get a rare blade (common blades can still appear). For example: rare core crystals are obtained from strong opponents or from treasure chests.

- Blades are not permanently tied to the player who raised them. With the item "transfer / overdrive protocol" you can transfer a blade to another character.

Tips for the Combat System

Let's get to the combat system of XC 2, which is not as complicated as it seems. We hope you have read the above points carefully and selected the right blades for your characters. In fact, all you have to do is understand the blade combos. 

- Each blade has a special technique placed on the A button. The special technique can recharge and have tiers I, II, III and IV. Once you've used a special technique, you have the chance to make a blade combo. The level of the first special technique in the blade combo does not matter.

- After the first special technique, a bar appears at the top, which runs slowly. That shows you how long you have time to use the second special technique to keep the blade combo. This time, the special technique must be at least tier II. Right next to the bar you can see element symbols. These icons show you which element the special technique must have. For example, if you see a Fire Element, Pyra’s Special Tier II or higher technique can continue the Blade Combo.

- You must repeat the same game and use the correct tier III special technique in the given time to complete the blade combo with a powerful attack. Blade combos cause enormous damage and are mandatory in battles.

- The good thing is that you can activate the special techniques of your entire group yourself. You will always see which character the blade combo can continue. All you have to do is press the appropriate button. Even the icons of inactive blades are noticeable when they are ready for a blade combo.

- Important in the blade combos is also that you exploit the bar ahead. Irritating time for the character closest to the next to bring his special technique to tier III or even IV.

- If you understand the blade combos, you will also master the XC 2 combat system directly. Without blade combos, you will not be able to progress much in the game. By the way, you can change blades faster in combat if confidence in character is high. In addition, we can give you the following tips:

- The fight becomes much easier if you lure away individual enemies and attack them in isolation. So you reduce the damage in your group and keep the overview. You can throw a targeted opponent with a stone, so that he comes to you and not the other way around.

- You can attach techniques to auto attacks to do more damage. For this you have to press the button of the technology at the right moment - shortly after the auto attack.

- Auto attacks lead to a maximum of a triple combination. Techniques are most effective if you successfully connect the technique to an auto attack triple combo.

- Opposing elements provide additional damage. The opposites are: fire / water, earth / electric, wind / ice and light / dark.

- If your special bar on the top left is completely filled, you can do a master combo that can do immense damage if you do it right. Against normal opponents, the use is recommended. In tricky situations we advise against it, because you also need the special bar to revive fallen comrades.