Find All 10 Foorara Nopon Locations: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you’ll encounter a total of ten Foorara or Nopons. Once you have found all of these little fellows you’ll be reward with Blade Combo Boost IV, Endurance IV and Resurrection Symbol.

Find All Foorara

Foorara can be found in a total of 10 locations, one of which gives an alternative, if you can enter an area no longer story-related and sometimes you can quickly overlook the cute Nopon. Below you’ll find all the locations as well as the requirements that you must fulfill before you find the Foorara.

Foorara Location 1 - Argentum, Goldmouth Central Exchange

Go to the Goldmouth Central Exchange and head to the third floor balcony. There - on a few steel beams - you’ll encounter Foorara for the first time and he tells you why he goes on a long journey.

Foorara Location 2 - Torigoth Arch in Gormott

Use fast travel to get to the Torigoth Arch. There you’ll find a tower that you need to climb over a ladder. Once at the top, you can jump right onto the roof of the adjacent building and climb onto the tower. There you’ll find the Foorara.

Foorara Location 3 - Uraya, Mercenary Headquarters in Garfont

Go to the Garfont village and then to the mercenary headquarters. Walk past the tents on the right, along the rock face until you find a hole covered with roots. Burn it with a fire blade and run through it. Two nopons feast on the mushrooms here. The left of them is Foorara.

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Foorara Location 4 - Uraya, Mymoma Playhouse in Fonsa Myma

Foorara travels on to the Playhouse in Fonsa Myma with a full stomach. Turn 180 degrees and walk down the first staircase. Before the second you jump on the adjacent roofs on which the Nopon also romps.

Foorara Location 5 - Mor Ardain in Hardhaigh Palace

Next, head to the Hardhaigh Palace gate. Run almost to the back and then turn left. You’ll find the Nopon hidden in a corner, hiding from the guard who chased him.

Foorara Location 6 - Indoline Praetorium in Goetuis Port

If you can still travel to Praetorium, you can locate Foorara at Goetuis Port, more precisely at the fount of holy light. Turn from the fast travel point to the right to a half-ruined wall that you need to break. Foorara sits in the solitude of the cave beyond. After chapter 8 you can find it alternatively at the following point.

Foorara Location 7 (alternative) - Mor Ardain, Lower Levels in Anangham Dock 2

Since you've already passed Indoline Praetorium, you find Foorara on the lower levels in Anangham Dock 2. Just turn right and find your friend by a small fire in front of a tent.

Foorara Location 8 - Kingdom of Tantal, Main Gate in Theosoir

Go to the main gate, jump straight over the balcony and turn 180 degrees immediately. Behind the passage you come to another balcony, on which you’ll find Foorara.

Foorara Location 9 - Leftherian Archipelago, Fonsett Arch in Fonsett Island

Foorara's journey is almost over. Go to the Fonsett gate, keep right and walk to the old tree near the cliff. Behind the tree, the Nopon hides in the tall grass, making it hard to see.

Foorara Location 10 - Argentum - Flight Deck in Goldmouth

After eight stops the journey is over and Foorara returns to Goldmouth. Find him at the end on the Flight Deck. He is standing straight ahead on the left side with his new ship and is looking forward to a final encounter.