Find All Memory Up Locations, Digimon Story Hackers Memory

There are a total of 15 known memory-ups in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hackers Memory and if you are struggling to find them then our guide will help you to locate all memory storage upgrades.

Initially, you have a group of 20 memory, which means that if your party surpasses this value then you have to leave a digimon behind in order to increase the memory of the parties through their so-called "memory-up" objects, which are partially hidden.

There are a total of 15 memory-ups, below you will find a list of all Memory Up locations.

List of All Memory Up Locations

Memory Up # 1
You’ll get this after defeating Mephisto boss.

Memory Up # 2
After defeating Kayaba.

Memory Up # 3
Reward for the mission "A Hacker's Justice" in Chapter 5

Memory Up # 4
Reward for the High School Hacking mission in Chapter 5

Memory Up # 5
In Chapter 5, you'll finally play avatar as a girl and come up with Kamishiro Enterprises. When you enter, a green door will block the way to a chest. Defeat the door and in the chest is another memory up.

Memory Up # 6
At the beginning of Chapter 6, you enter Under Kowloon Level 3 with another partner. After passing all the enemy maids, you will enter an area with a few chests. One of the chests there has the subject "Memory Up".

Memory Up Locations, Digimon Story, Hackers Memory

Memory Up # 7
At the beginning of Chapter 7, you will fight a boss with four Digimon. Once you have defeated him, you get another memory up.

Memory Up # 8
Reward for the Mission "Evangelist of Love! Sistermon! "In chapter 7.

Memory Up # 9-10
After defeating the first boss in chapter 8, you get two memory ups.

Memory Up # 11
Chapter 8, after the mission "Battle for Digimarket."

Memory Up # 12
In Chapter 8, you enter Hosaka's Server in Eden. Take the left warp pad and go to the gap on the floor. Defeat the Digimon and enter a chest with a memory up.

Memory Up # 13
In Chapter 8, you will enter Hosaka's Server in Eden. When you finally defeat the boss, you get a memory up.

Memory Up # 14
Play the submission "Immediate Delivery" in Chapter 10.

Memory Up # 15
In Chapter 10, go to the Valhalla Server and meet Chitose. There are two chests in this room that you can get and you have the memory up inside.